Caladium Seguinum to eliminate skin pain

The homeopathic medicine Caladium Seguinum comes from a plant commonly known as elephant ears. Also called arum of the Antilles, this plant from the Araceae family shares a limited action in homeopathy. It is characterized by large toxic leaves spotted with white. It is these which will subsequently give rise to the mother tincture and the homeopathic strain. These are products made with ingredients of natural origin. Usually, Caladium seguinum granules treat sexual problems and itchy skin.

In therapeutic care, what are the indications of Caladium Seguinum?

Caladium Seguinum means the homeopathic remedy specially dedicated to men. Indeed, it can more regulate the sexual arousal and the pruritus of the genital organs. It takes care of impotence (with preserved libido and depressive tendency) and chronic bronchitis in smokers.

Besides, the Caladium Seguinum strain can also support other people and treat other diseases. In this occasion, he can help physically and mentally exhausted patients. he can treat insomnia caused by pruritus, relieve fevers and improve concentration difficulties. It can soothe fevers, irritations and itching of the mucous membranes or skin (insect bite). Very beneficial for remedying addiction to certain drugs (starting with tobacco). This remedy can repair the different consequences of smoking: diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite or loss of memory.

When and how to use Caladium Seguinum? For what proportion?

Homeopathic medicine is hardly used Caladium seguinum in drinkable hydro-alcoholic solutions such as ampoules and drops. Homeopaths rather encourage the use of granules (rich in lactose and sucrose). Let’s take a look at some dosages of this frequently preferred galenic form:

  • For soothe itchy skin such as insect bites (mosquitoes, bees, etc.), 3 pellets (5 CH).
  • To regulate the disorders of the male sexuality, 3 pellets 9 CH 3 times per day. Treatment can be stopped once the symptoms disappear.
  • For addiction to drugs and smoking 5 or 7 CH, 5 pellets 3 times morning, noon and evening. This dosage helps you get rid of the urge to smoke. To eliminate nausea and discomfort during withdrawal, 3 granules/d (9 CH or 18 DH).
  • Thus, for themale impotencewhile waiting for the medical check-up, you can take 9 CH, 5 pellets morning and evening.
  • To treat genital pruritus in women (vagina or vulvar region), 3 granules of 5 CH or 10 DH per day.
  • For gynecological disorders of psychic origin, 3 granules of Caladium seguinum 9 CH or 18 DH in the morning. The frequency of intake is twice a day (midday and evening).
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