Calcarea phosphorica therapeutic indications in homeopathy.

Calcarea phosphorica strain is obtained from lime phosphate. The powder is white in color. It contains a mixture of phosphates. It is also called tricalcium phosphate where calcium is the basic component. But it also contains phosphorus and limestone. Calcarea phosphorica is the result of experimentation with various mixtures.

Note that bone tissue, blood and nerve cells are rich in calcium and phosphorus. Hence the usefulness of this homeopathic remedy.

The existing forms are 6 DH tablets, doses and granules. The base materials of these last two forms are lactose and sucrose.

Under what circumstances should this remedy be used?

The homeopathic strain of this remedy is indicated in various ailments. To quote the digestive problems in infants and delayed bone healing. It prevents fibrous calluses and treats acne. It is also useful in case of growth dystrophies. Like Osgood Schlatter’s disease, Scheuermann’s disease and dorsal kyphosis. Calcarea phosphorica intervenes both in prevention and as an orthopedic supplement.

The remedy soothes the headache mainly caused by overwork and fatigue in adolescents. As well as algodystrophies, pubalgia and sacroiliac arthralgia.

It is also useful in case of ENT and lung infections that tend to recur. But also, this remedy cures the various gynecological disorders. Mention dysmenorrhea, hypermenorrhea and leucorrhea.

How to correctly use Calcarea phosphorica in homeopathy?

5 granules of 9 CH per day for 1 month treat the digestive disorders in the infant. 1 dose per week for 6 months of a dilution of 30 CH regulates growth dystrophies. It can also be combined with Silicea to treat this growth dystrophy.

In case of headache or fatigue in adolescence, take 5 pellets of 15 CH. It should be taken 3 times a week for 3 months. 1 dose of 30 CH per week for 6 months cures repeated ENT and pulmonary infections. The dose is similar for acne but the duration is only 3 months.

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For prevent fibrous calluses and promote bone consolidation, take 5 granules morning and evening. The dilution must be between 7 and 9 CH, during the treatment which lasts 1 month. Pain in the sacrum and pubalgia can be treated with 5 granules of 15 CH. It must be taken every day for 2 months. The same dose and duration of treatment also regulates the algodystrophy but with a 5 CH dilution.

As for gynecological disorders, 1 dose of 9 CH per week for 6 months will cure them.

It is a medicine that is taken apart from tobacco, mint, meals and also coffee. As consumption, the granules and doses are allowed to melt under the tongue. As for infants, they can dissolve them in a little water. Calcarea phosphorica can be taken during pregnancy and lactation.


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