Calm your mind with mindfulness meditation!

Meditation is an ancient practice, of oriental origin. Working on the mind and the mind, she seeks to bring a state of well-being to the body. It is therefore common to see doctors or practitioners recommending its practice, currently. But what exactly is it?

Mindfulness meditation: what is it?

For to be in a good health, physical or mental, a person must offer moments of breaks for the spirit. This is what highlights meditation. This therefore pushes the man to concentrate on something in order to avoid thinking. Indeed, everyday events and memories often torment the mind. Given its many information, it may have trouble digesting it. This therefore causes stress, even poor management of problems. Thus, the mindfulness meditation pushes to let go and to let emotions pass. In general, it helps you to think only of the present moment without worrying about memories or problems. To do this, it encourages you to focus on the sounds outside or on your parasitic thoughts.

Where does this spiritual practice come from?

The origin of mindfulness meditation comes from Buddhism, it has existed for more than two millennia. However, even if it dates from this time, it was little realized. The meeting of Asian reformers as well as Westerners contributed to the development of this meditation in the world. It must be said that today, the founder of the MBSR method, Jon Kabat-Zinn, continues to promote this practice more and more. Indeed, he created the “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” program in 1979. Moreover, today, this method is used in various public hospitals and in several health establishments.

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What benefits can be derived from it?

Mindfulness meditation offers a moment of rest in mind. Thanks to this moment of tranquility, it brings many benefits to the body:

  • It offers psychological well-being by acting positively on the brain. In the short term, it improves memory and empathy;
  • It reduces the negative effects of stress, and even helps to fight against it;
  • It helps you better manage your emotions and focus more on the positives;
  • It participates in the good connection of neurons thus delaying the aging of the brain;
  • It remedies cardiovascular disorders;
  • It fights against fatigue, sleep disorders, or moderate depression;
  • It is effective in case of high blood pressure, respiratory diseases or skin problems.

How is it going?

The mindfulness meditation often goes through several stages, and its formation lasts 8 weeks. It is made up of weekly meetings that can last up to 2h30 and techniques to be carried out alone, at home. To practice it, you have a few options:

  • You have to start by relaxing. Then all you have to do is sit back and focus on all the information that’s flowing through you. You can also take a support such as a sound or the taste of food for your session;
  • You can do a walking meditation. This helps you focus only on your steps or the movement of your body;
  • During group sessions, you may find moments of sharing.


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