Calorie restriction: better health… in all areas

A clinical study reports that a 25% caloric restriction in non-obese people for 2 years is associated with better indicators of quality of life. Sleep returns, mood is stable, more physical vigor and more sexual vigor too.

The benefits of calorie restriction in overweight cases are well documented, but what is less clear is the impact it can have in people of normal build. Work carried out in several animal species has shown that energy retraction can increase longevity. But in humans, calorie restriction raises questions, with several potential negative effects having been reported, including lower libido, stamina, greater mood variability and irritability.

Two years of energy restriction

It is therefore these aspects that were particularly examined in the context of a clinical study involving 220 women and men with a Body Mass Index between 22 and 28, divided into two groups at a rate of 2 to 1.

The largest group was put on a 25% energy restriction, with the other group being able to eat according to their preferences and habits. Data were collected at baseline and after 1 and 2 years of intervention.

Improved quality of life

The results indicate that compared to the control group, the energy-restricted group showed improved mood, reduced tension, improved general health and sexual relations after two years, and improved sleep after a year.

Weight loss in the calorie-restricted group was also associated with increased vigor, fewer mood disturbances, improved overall health and better quality sleep. This strongly relativizes the supposed negative effects of energy restriction.

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Reduce calories day by day or with a one-time fast

Calorie restriction is either done on a daily basis by lowering the caloric load of his meals, or you can also consider another formula. That of a punctual and short fast, that is to say not to eat for example for 24 hours in the week. You have a meal in the evening and only eat the following evening. The amount of calories will be lowered punctually but you will already feel the effects. This may encourage you to change your diet by turning to a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Low glycemic index diets are also a very good health track.


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