Camphora, homeopathic remedy for colds and anxiety

Camphora refers to a remedy made from Cinnamomum camphora, a shrub also called “natural camphor”. In fact, it is a homeopathic strain obtained by distillation of Camphor wood (camphor from Japan and Asia). This therapeutic tree measures more than 20 meters and symbolizes the city of Hiroshima. Widely used in aromatherapy because it shares an odor that is both powerful and penetrating. It offers a bitter taste and numerous effects (anti-inflammatory, tonic, disinfectant, calming and purifying). Home to rich components, it does wonders to our health and the well-being of our body. Indeed, its bark, leaves, root and branches offer real benefits. Without mentioning essential oils, this camphor tree also produces globule doses, triturations and granules. You can also obtain homeopathic dilutions such as drops and drinkable ampoules.

What are the health problems that Camphora can resolve?

Camphora promotes stimulation of the immune defense and strengthens the proper functioning of the body. What makes it very effective in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases and ailments bodily psychology. Its benefits occur in case of anxiety, physical or mental ill-being, sudden weakness causing a drop in blood pressure and pulse. It ensures respiratory comfort, reduces skin pain such as insect bites, redness and itching. It lightens the feeling of heavy legs and purifies the air with its aroma. It also has real powers in the fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

As a drug of limited action, the indication of this strain proves to be very fleeting in the event of common cold. Indeed, it is used in particular at the very beginning of the first symptoms of an ordinary cold. If after a few days you do not suspect any improvement, you should immediately consult a doctor. Same recommendation if there is an appearance of a high fever or sudden malaise. This can eliminate the aggravation of the disease and promote the exclusion of serious pathologies.

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In association with other homeopathic remedies, thecurative action of Camphora can multiply and be even more effective. To treat the beginner cold, you can for example mix it with pulsatilla or kalium bichromicum.

When and how can one take Camphora?

In case of early catch of a cold, bet on the use of Camphora 5 CH, 5 granules every hour. A preparation to take once the first symptoms appear and to space out according to the improvements. For a beginning cold with chills and stuffy nose, take 5 CH, 5 pellets every two hours. This palliative can be used during breastfeeding and pregnancy. It is also suitable for young children.


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