Can biosynergy take care of our health?

Biosynergy refers to all relaxation techniques and the teaching of well-being: a true art of living. It inspires joy, awareness, adaptability and creativity. It harmonizes all the planes (cerebral, organic, energetic, spiritual and affective) of the personality. In addition, she uses different techniques that aim to improve the different organic capacities and rebalance the energy. Examples include yoga, meditation, active listening and the Vittoz method.

Through biosynergy, the patient can easily express themselves, assert themselves and better know yourself. She provides care to all those in need. And this regardless of their age, gender, sex or social level. It serves to develop intellectual control, to really reduce stress and optimize concentration. This technique is based in particular on relaxation (dynamic, progressive and creative), concentration, attention and breathing.

The creation of biosynergy: history

Coming from the West and the East, the biosynergy is inspired by various mind-body tools and various methods. Based on Maslow’s pyramid, it mainly acts on human needs. This technique exists essentially with the aim of combating stress andensure individual development. It will encourage the person to become aware of their dissatisfaction by offering them ways to relax. It also helps this person to better move forward in life and better manage their emotions.

What does biosynergy cure?

It improves the flow of energy, ensures the toning of the body and develops the faculties of cerebral or physiological adaptation. At the same time, it ensures physical and mental well-being. Biosynergy accompanies you in the difficult situations of your life: interpersonal conflicts, bereavement, job loss, fatigue or overwork. It develops memory, ability to concentrate and positive attitudes. An ideal way to overcome your anxieties. It also allows the definitive destocking of the various tensions (mental, physical and emotional).

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If we want to practice biosynergy, how?

Biosynergy is above all a temporary and limited helping relationship. The beneficiary of this therapy has 6 sessions to learn to take better charge of your own life. With this approach, patients are seen as creatives and not as sick. Indeed, the person in question must become or again become himself the architect of his existence. Additionally, the practitioner does not treat the individual, he only acts as a guide.

The exercises are adapted to each case and each individual. For this, the guide draws up a kind of psychological identity card which contains all the essential information of the patient. In fact, he collects all the information concerning his blood group, his temperament, his morphology and his character. A session lasts on average between 1h and 1h30 and it always begins with an interview with the patient.


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