Can one maintain health with Hepar Sulfur?

Hepar Sulfur is a very special homeopathic remedy. Consisting of an alliance of equal parts of oyster limestone and flowers purified with sulfur. This mixture is then ground in lactose to finally give birth to the homeopathic medicine “Hepar Sulfur”. Also known as “Hepar sulfuris calcareum”, this product is used in particular in the treatment of inflammatory or infectious diseases.

Therapeutic recommendations about Hepar Sulfur

The Hepar Sulfur can solve all nervousness problems in adults and sleep disorders in children. Very effective in the treatment of dermatological conditions (acne with pustules, anthrax, eye infection, boils and dental abscesses. This medication can also treat several other ailments:

  • Lung infections and infections of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (rhinitis, colds, hoarseness, acute painful laryngitis and hoarse cough),
  • Styes, purulent conjunctivitis,
  • Pain in the ears with discharge,
  • Inflammation of the tonsils, tracheobronchitis, purulent sinusitis and muco-purulent nasopharyngitis.

It calms anger, annoyance, anxiety and irritability. It also has the virtues Pain killer and antispasmodics.

Peculiarity and dosage of the homeopathic strain Hepar Sulfur

The peculiarity of Hepar Sulfur calcareum lies in its composition and form. Offered in particular in triturations (in oral powder with lactose alone), in globule doses and in granules (based on lactose and sucrose). Advice for taking: apart from meals, mint, coffee or tobacco. You can take this medicine even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

It should be emphasized that low dilutions serve to promote suppuration, while high dilutions resorb it. Most indications are limited between 9 to 30 CH:

  • Treat boils, carbuncles and abscesses with a low dilution (4 to 5 CH) and with a high dilution (15 to 30 CH),
  • In the event of suppurative states, systematically take 5 granules (15 to 30 CH), one to two hours after each intake of Pyrogenium.
  • In a situation of laryngitis or hoarseness, take 5 granules of Hepar Sulfur (9 to 30 CH),
  • For cure tonsil inflammation or in case of rhinitis, ear pain and acute otitis media, use Hepar Sulfur 15 CH, one dose per day (for 5 days),
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In case of styes or purulent conjunctivitis, bet on theuse of Hepar sulfuris calcareum 30 CH, 1 dose morning and evening (for 5 days). For tracheobronchitis beginning with a hoarse and dry cough then turning oily:

  • as a treatment (15 CH, 5 pellets every night at bedtime for 7 days),
  • in prevention (15 CH, 5 pellets every night at bedtime during the cold season.


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