Can we encourage people to use mate?

Mate is a plant promoter of several positive therapeutic effects. Its country of origin is Paraguay, but it is South America which is the largest consumer of its tea. Its plantation is present in Brazil and northern Argentina. It responds to the scientific name Ilex paraguariensis and is part of the Aquifoliaceae family. Tea from Paraguay, tea from the Jesuits, tea from Saint-Barthélemy and tea from Brazil are also other names attributed to this famous herb. It provides the body with vitamins (A, B, C), calcium and magnesium. In Argentina it is known for its aphrodisiac effect.

Medicinal solution offered by mate

We find in mate a certain dose of caffeine thus favoring theimproved brain capacity. It also has theobromine. Say goodbye to fatigue, this excellent stimulant promotes vigor and dynamism, while rapidly improving cognitive prowess and the main nervous system.

Corpulence often leads to pathologies such as high blood pressure and diabetes. To solve this problem, our magic tree plays its part. Indeed, it allows weight balancing and effectively stabilizes cholesterol levels in the blood.

In herbal medicine, what are the common uses?

Mate offers two possibilities of use:

  • External (for treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, irritation, sun sensitivity, (insect) bites, eczema, abrasions or cracks).
  • For internal application, it allows weight loss and relieves migraines. Mate also treats arthritis, the liver and promotes increased intestinal transit.
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It is sold in the form of infusions, dry extracts, teas, leaves, capsules, poultices and herbal teas.

Mate: shade of health and well-being

live peacefully, to stay healthy and make sure to swallow good products conducive to the proper functioning of the body. All these criteria are part of the wishes of any individual. Moreover, these are benefits that mate naturally provides. To benefit from it, the consumption and use of this fabulous plant must become part of our general habit (whether therapeutic or dietary). In addition, mate is easily digested and cleanses the entire body.

Mate tea is prepared as follows: take a few grams of leaves (dried and crushed), add them to 1 liter of boiling liquid (water), and you’re done. If you use milk, you will get another drink alternative.

What points should we pay attention to?

Food, medicinal remedy, fruit and vegetable: excessive consumption always causes trouble. Indeed, neurotoxic effects can occur if we are not careful. To know the exact dose and dosage to use, a serious discussion with your therapist is paramount. Like all other healing plants, women in pregnancy should not consume this plant.


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