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To benefit from perfect well-being and more or less irreproachable health, it is important to take good care of your body. To do so, the solution is simple: the acquisition and daily intake of medicinal plants. Indeed, to avoid all kinds of diseases, they can really play important roles. There is a whole variety but here, we will particularly talk about the imperative or the benzoin. It is a species of grass that belongs to the Umbelliferae or Apiaceae family. It humbly bears the scientific name peucedanum ostruthium and comes from the mountainous areas of central Europe. It is marketed in pharmacies and herbalists thanks to the content of hesperidin, essential oil, coumarins, tannins, yellowish juice (in the root) and saponins.

The imperative: an amazing healing plant

It is a very beneficial herb for the body. She is very famous in the field of traditional medication. Indeed, it treats our diseases and offers us real well-being. More specifically, it takes charge of all of our health. It transforms our pathologies into a true cure. The imperative cures kidneys, lungs, dyspepsia, carminative, asthenia, circulatory disorders and mild cardiovascular problems. Its stimulating property is perfect for the immune system and its tonic effect is conducive to the good state of the metabolism. It also allows the reduction of intestinal gas and eliminates aerophagia.

Uses and preparations: what do we need to know?

The imperative is commonly presented in particular under two figures: decoctions and herbal teas. However, one can also access root powders, decoctions, wine, essential oil, hydro-alcoholic extracts (maceration of freshly picked plants in alcohol and water), poultices and capsules (powdered root). Its phytotherapeutic use is established in the natural toothache treatmentasthma, chronic gastric, bronchial catarrh and digestive discomfort.

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For take care of skin inflammationyou can apply the infusion with compresses or the powdered plant directly.

The other virtues of the imperative

Here are some lists of what one can also benefit fromuse of the imperative :

  • It is used to stimulate the appetite.
  • It has gynecological, homeopathic and veterinary properties.
  • It is used in the manufacture and flavoring of drinks.
  • It smells like cheese.
  • It gives flavor to salads.
  • It embellishes different dishes and often used for condiment purposes.

We will note the risks and contraindications

The risks associated with its use are rare and only occur in the event of non-compliance with the dosages. Indeed, deliberately excessive consumption can cause agitation, nausea, headache, mental confusion, dizziness and abdominal pain. If necessary, consult a specialist practitioner or a phytotherapist. This allows you to benefit from a therapeutic opinion adapted to your expectations.


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