Can we really benefit from the benefits of avens?

Geum urbanum or benoîte is an idyllic herbaceous plant well known in France. This Saint Benedict herb has special medicinal properties. Indeed, its usefulness and medicinal use have been around for years. From the Rosaceae family, avens is an ultra-effective remedy for vaginal discharge. It contains 30% of tannins, an essential oil (including a glucoside) and sucrose. Its therapeutic properties are defined by the presence of febrifuge, genital astringent and digestive tonic. And its roots can soothe toothaches.

Benedict: an exceptional product of nature

I’blessed tree is a plant that is effective for health. A natural floral and medicinal wealth to prevent and relieve all kinds of illnesses, such as stomach pains and mild diarrhea. It is mainly used to relieve frostbite. It can indeed be harvested everywhere and even in your garden. Avens can also treat venous insufficiencies and haemorrhages.

Avens is a medicinal herbaceous plant. How to use it ?

The Benedict can be used according to your choices and preferences: mother tincture or extracts, powder, mixed with wine, decoction, infusion.

Here are some examples of preparations and treatments:

  • In decoction (for mouthwashes and gargles: 30 g of avens in 1 liter of boiled water, leave to infuse for 10 minutes).
  • In mother tincture (this requires the advice of a doctor or pharmacist)
  • And, in infusion (1 teaspoon of Benedict in 150 ml of water infused for 10 minutes. No more than three cups a day to treat diarrhea).
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The roots are used to flavor drinks (liqueurs, wine and beer), and give a reddish color to the infusion. Young leaves can be eaten in salads provided they are picked before the flowers appear. And it is a perfect accompaniment for the different sauces.

The major health benefits of avens?

Avens is a medicinal plant really good for health. It has particular astringent aspects. It is very useful for fight against hemorrhoids and favorable to eliminate the symptoms of heavy legs. Thanks to its anesthetic and antiseptic effect, it also alleviates mouth and throat aches. Indeed, it reduces inflammation of the mouth and gums. Avens can also be used for the care of mouth ulcers.

Is the use of avens contraindicated?

Avens has no significant contraindication. On the other hand, it promotes and improves health and well-being. We can almost say that its effects are only beneficial. Its use and consumption are therefore strongly recommended. But, you still have to drink a reasonable amount to avoid any feelings of discomfort.


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