Can you lose weight with protein bars?

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Can you lose weight with protein bars?

Protein bars are snacks which, as their name suggests, contain a high protein content. These bars are ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to optimize their body composition with healthy foods, but also for people looking to lose weight. But what exactly is a protein bar? How to choose it? Can you lose weight with protein bars?

What is a protein bar?

Not All Protein Bars Are Created Equal

Not all protein bars are created equal. It is therefore important to carefully examine the labeling before making your choice, because you will notice that protein levels may vary, as well as sugar and fat levels. Choose bars that are at least 30% protein and with as little sugar as possible, especially if you’re looking to lose weight. Ideally, the protein content should be at least half the carbohydrate content : if your bar contains 24g of carbohydrates (total), it must contain at least 12g of protein.

Advantages and disadvantages of protein bars

A must for people in a hurry

Their disadvantages

Those in a hurry and with a sweet tooth might be tempted to replace many of their meals with protein bars. Do not make this mistake because, although they are rich in macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, they do not replace a normal and balanced diet. Take your protein bar as a snack, or as a meal replacement. Only one ! By feeding exclusively on protein bars, you eliminate from your diet all the goodness of fruits and vegetables, which a bar cannot provide.

Also, protein bars can sometimes disappoint in taste and texture. And watch out, the tastier a bar is, the more likely it is to contain a lot of sugars and fats. It is therefore an aspect to consider if you plan to supplement yourself with protein bars in order to lose weight.

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Points to consider

When choosing a protein bar, it is important to carefully examine the nutritional values ​​and the ingredients, to ensure that you choose a product that is interesting from a nutritional point of view, especially for weight loss. So, check the following points:

  • The total carbohydrate contentincluding sugars and sugar alcohols (polyols, sweeteners)

  • The fat contentespecially saturated fats

  • Protein sources. Avoid bars that contain collagen protein, which artificially increases protein content.

  • The total caloric value. Your bar should contain no more than 350 calories.

  • The presence of caffeine or creatine. These bars are rather intended to boost performance in training.

Protein bars for weight loss

How to use protein bars to lose weight?

Instead, choose a bar that is low in sugar, or “low-carb”, and have it as a snack in the afternoon, for example, or instead of lunch. Do not hesitate to eat a fruit as an accompaniment, to increase the fiber, mineral and vitamin content of your “meal”.

Our selection of the best bars to help you lose weight

Here is a selection of protein bars that can help you lose inches off your waistline, provided they are used as mentioned above:

  • Zero Bar from the Biotech brand USA: as its name suggests, it does not contain sugar and provides 20g of protein for less than 200 calories.

  • Carb Killa from the Grenade brand: it provides 1g of sugar, 23g of protein and 210 calories (depending on the flavor)

  • Quest Bar : 20g of protein, around 200 calories, and only 2g of sugar. This bar has the advantage of containing natural fibres, which facilitate digestion, improve transit and reduce appetite.

  • One Basix from Oh Yeahwhich contains 20g of protein, 1g of sugar and is sweetened with stevia.

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