Cancer, diabetes, heart disease: what to eat to avoid these diseases?

What should I eat to be healthy? This seemingly simple question is on the contrary so complex that it has monopolized the attention of thousands of researchers, nutritionists and individuals for several years.

The great killers that heart disease, cancer or diabetes have become are not completely inevitable diseases: on the contrary, each of us can adopt behaviors that will enable him to participate actively in defending ourselves against occurrence of these diseases.

70% of cancers are preventable

Take the example of cancer, despite several remarkable advances in the treatment of a growing number of previously incurable cancers (certain leukemias, for example), there are still many steps to take before we can claim victory. against this enemy.

However, we can do something concrete to reduce the risk of being affected by cancer. Many scientific studies show that at least two-thirds of cancer cases are linked to people’s lifestyle: 30% are due to smoking, another 30% is directly caused by poor diet, not to mention 10% of cancers related to abuse of all kinds (obesity, drugs, alcohol).

In other words, about 70% of cancers are diseases that could be prevented by simply changing certain lifestyle habits! For cancers of the digestive tract: esophagus, stomach, colon, this percentage can even reach 75%.

More of this less of that: we can reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease

Did you know that fruits and vegetables at your local grocer contain several molecules with extraordinary anti-cancer properties?

If in the case of several diseases, heart disease and diabetes for example, we are sick of what we eat (too much bad fat, too much salt or too much sugar), it is above all what we do not don’t eat which is a problem for cancer.

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And what we don’t eat enough are fruits and vegetables. Did you know that the fruits and vegetables found at your local grocer contain several molecules with extraordinary anti-cancer properties? When you eat large amounts of these foods, you are giving your body real anti-cancer therapy that can neutralize the cancer from the start and prevent it from growing and invading the tissues of the body.

These good gestures that make all the difference

The eviction of toxics such as tobacco and alcohol from one’s daily habits is already making great strides in protecting one’s health. Regular physical activity too. But also, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in bad fats, sugar and salt can prevent the development of cancer and many other chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Prevention is better than cure, says the adage, it is up to everyone to get started.


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