Cantharis, homeopathic remedy recommended for cystitis

A genus of beetle insects that belongs to the Cantharidae family, Cantharis is an exceptional remedy. In fact, it is a drug from the cantharid fly (lytta vesicatoria), the Milan fly or the Spanish fly. The homeopathic strain of Cantharis then comes from the cantharid insect. Very active particularly in the care of otitis, urinary burns and skin infections. This homeopathic product can be used in children as well as in adults. It has long been recognized for its aphrodisiac properties.

It is from the dried fly (its whole body) that we obtain the mother tincture. A preparation that contains abundant mineral salts, cantharidins and lipids.

All the health problems the Cantharis can solve

Caused by bacteria called Escherichia coli, cystitis is a urinary tract infection. This type of microbe is naturally present in the digestive tract and multiplies in the bladder and urethra. This disease particularly affects women going through menopause.

Cantharis is particularly indicated for treat urinary burns, especially if urination is painful and difficult. He heals burns with blisters, sunburn, mouth ulcers and pharyngitis. It intervenes to treat vaginitis, vulvitis, esophagitis, urethritis, priapism, conjunctivitis and laryngitis. After consulting a doctor, this remedy is also used in case of uro-genital, digestive and cutaneous inflammations.

When can it be taken and how?

the Cantharis is available in the form of oral solutions and granules (based on sucrose and lactose). Regarding the dosage and use of this strain, here are some examples:

  • This first assay is used to calm cystitis or urinary tract infections accompanied by a constant urge to urinate. Depending on the alleviation of symptoms and pain, take three granules of Cantharis 10 DH or 5 CH (every hour).
  • The second dose is treat urethritis with intense burning. This time, the homeopathic medication Cantharis is used in addition to the usual treatment. In this case, take 3 pellets (5 CH or 10 DH) every hour. At the very beginning of an acute urinary tract infection, homeopathy can alleviate the patient while waiting for therapeutic treatment with antibiotics.
  • The third dosage makes it possible to take charge of the skin irritation like burning blisters and herpes. Every three hours, it will be necessary to take 3 granules of 5 CH to 10 DH.
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It is important to specify that this strain must be taken systematically because it supports all the signals of acute cystitis. In this case, it is taken in an average dilution of 9 CH, that is to say, three granules every half hour. Diabetics, children and pregnant women must have a medical consultation if the urinary tract infection concerns them.


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