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Shoulder capsulitis mainly affects women between the ages of 40 and 60. It can be the result of even minimal trauma such as surgery, a painful condition such as tendonitis. Natural medicines can respond to symptoms such as pain, numbness or loss of range of motion.

The shoulder joint is somehow “packaged” in an airtight envelope called the joint capsule. However, it happens that this envelope retracts, under the effect of inflammation and fibrosis: this is called capsulitis. Thus clamped, the joint is hampered in its movements and becomes painful. This pathology evolves in four phases. First comes the pain, then in a second time a decrease in the amplitudes of the shoulder joint.

3These two stages can last up to three months and very often the diagnosis is not made at this time because the symptoms are taken for those of tendonitis for example. Then, a very great difficulty in moving appears: the shoulder is “frozen”, with more or less pain depending on the patient. At this stage, the diagnosis becomes more obvious and appropriate treatment can begin. Finally, it is the thaw phase, with slow and progressive recovery of the flexibility of the joint and of all its amplitudes. This moment is generally less painful. In total, the condition lasts between a year and a year and a half.

Avoid what makes the pain worse

In the acute pain phase, it is essential that the patient avoids all situations that amplify this pain and thus maintain inflammation. For example, using the other arm or using a small stepladder to pick up objects from a height so that you don’t have to lift your arm and put too much strain on your shoulder. In the phases where the pain is less present, a physiotherapist can perform mobilizations of the shoulder to stretch the joint and help it regain amplitude and flexibility. The act of moving the stiffened joint often has analgesic virtues.

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What relieves

Heat can also be an interesting remedy, especially for its analgesic effect but not only. Either in the form of a hot pack to be placed on the shoulder, or in the form of ultrasound which heats the inside of the joint deeply, this solution reduces inflammation and reduces stiffness. Mobilizations are thus easier to carry out

Alone at home, you can do shoulder mobilization exercises. If you are not in too much pain, do small exercises regularly between your physio sessions. Your assiduity will depend on a faster recovery of your freedom of movement!

A few simple exercises

– Using the valid arm, raise the blocked arm as high as possible. Smoothly, without jolts. Repeat ten times in a row.

– Touch the sound shoulder with your blocked arm passing it in front of the chest. Say times right away. If you can’t, go as far as you can without hurting yourself. Above all, you should not suffer from these exercises.

The contribution of Essential Oils

To make your massage oil, get a 50 ml bottle of arnica vegetable oil. Remove 20 ml and replace them with 10 ml of Vetiver essential oil, effective in fighting fibrosis of the joint capsule and 10 ml of Rosemary essential oil with camphor to reduce tension in the ligaments surrounding the shoulder joint. Massage your “frozen” shoulder morning and evening. A treatment that you can continue without a time limit.

The contribution of homeopathy

Homeopathy is particularly effective on this pathology because we have drugs acting according to the lateralization of the evil. Every day morning and evening, you will take 5 granules of each of the following drugs: Solanum malacoxylon 7 CH, Bryonia 7 CH and Kalium bichromicum, 7 CH. To this cocktail, you will add Ferrum metallicum 7 CH, 5 granules if you suffer from the right shoulder or Ferrum phosphoricum 7 CH, 5 granules if you suffer from the left shoulder.


The contribution of auricular acupuncture

It is a form of acupuncture using points located exclusively on the ears. These schematically represent a fetus and therefore the entire human body. By pricking certain specific points on the ears, it is thus possible to act remotely on the different parts of the body, in this case on the area of ​​muscle contractures around the shoulder to relax them. The area of ​​pain is also pricked, which provides an analgesic effect very quickly. Unlike conventional acupuncture, the needles remain in place for fifteen days, before falling out on their own. Regular sessions, spaced a month apart, can relieve you.


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