Ceylon cinnamon essential oil: what benefits for the body?

Ceylon cinnamon essential oil comes from cinnamon bark. Known by the Latin name of Cinnamomum zeylanicum, it has purifying qualities and treats various ailments. Its warm and spicy fragrance gives it sweetness and gives it its power.

Ceylon cinnamon essential oil: what are its virtues?

Thanks to its many properties, this oil is used in the field of health, well-being or cosmetics:

  • She has an action very powerful anti-infective. This is why it is often found in the treatment of severe infections. It helps to fight against infections caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites.
  • This oil has properties: antiseptic and anticoagulant;
  • It has a stimulating property and aphrodisiac virtues.

This essential oil has many merits in well-being thanks to its properties: stimulating and invigorating.

When should this oil be used?

As with any natural remedy, theCeylon cinnamon essential oil is used for specific treatments. In other words, it cures disorders or diseases such as:

  • Skin or gastrointestinal infections. She helps you relieve fungal problemswarts, parasites or diarrhea;
  • Diabetes, provided the recommended dose is respected;
  • Respiratory problems;
  • Gynecological problems: heavy periods, vaginitis or urinary tract infections;
  • A loss of libido, frigidity or even male impotence;
  • The tiredness problems or loss of appetite.

This oil is also used in cooking for its fragrance and spicy taste. However, thanks to its purity and power, a small dose is enough to flavor your preparations.

How to use this oil correctly?

Ceylon cinnamon essential oil can be used in different ways. You can use it orally and on the skin. Its internal use always requires medical or therapeutic advice. Remember to always follow the dose and duration of treatment recommended by a professional. This period should in no case be prolonged to avoid liver detoxification problems. According to the European Medicines Agency, in the event of dyspeptic disordersuse between 50 g to 200 g of this oil daily.

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Concerning its cutaneous application, before its use, it is advisable to carry out an allergy test. Some people may not tolerate eugenol and cinnamaldehyde being in the oil. Also, for atmospheric diffusion, consider mixing it with other essential oils. It is best to put only 5% of this Ceylon cinnamon essential oil in the mixture.

What are the risks to avoid when using this product?

There are certain risks in using this essential oil. You must follow the instructions or certain recommendations each time you use it. To do this :

  • It is preferable to dilute it well during your preparations and not to apply it pure on your skin;
  • It should not be broadcast alone due to its high content of cinnamaldehyde. This atmospheric diffusion may cause some respiratory problems.

In addition, its use is to be avoided in certain people:

  • In pregnant women;
  • In breastfeeding women;
  • In children under 12 years old;
  • In people with bleeding disorders;
  • In people on treatment with anticoagulant drugs;
  • In individuals with cinnamon allergies;
  • Its internal use is dangerous in people with liver failure.


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