Choose happiness with the Option method!

Have you ever heard of Option meditation? This is a technique to get rid of negative vibes and for your development. This approach aims to seek happiness above all else. So how is his session going? What are the different practices carried out during each session?

What is the Option method?

The Option method is an approach aimed at personal growth. His techniques help to seek and obtain the means leading to happiness, and not to ill-being. Thanks to these actions, it impacts on your physical and psychological health. According to this method, at all times and despite the circumstances causing sadness, everyone has the right to choose happiness. Moreover, the followers of this method affirm that the man uses the malaise just for his survival instinct. So, the approach puts forward different techniques to get rid of these reflexes and these negative manifestations. It mainly aims to seek inner peace and focus on happiness. Everyone needs to look at their personal myths and beliefs. To do this, this approach uses different techniques, in particular therapeutic and educational, for the growth of each person.

Who initiated this approach?

The American Barry Neil Kaufman is at the origin of the Option method. With his wife Samahria, they design a program based on their personal experience. They actually created this program following the autism of their child and the non-existence of a traditional treatment for his cure. This is based on unconditional love. This love pushed their son to better open up to the outside world today. Thus, the designed program makes it possible above all to support andhelp families under stress or with an autistic member.

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What are the positive effects offered by this method?

People who have already experienced the Option method confirm the various benefits created by it. Indeed, it would seem that this approach acts positively not only on the physical well-beingbut also on the psychological one:

  • Thanks to the unconditional love offered, it contributes to your personal development. Indeed, it will create healthy people;
  • It has positive effects on stress in a family with an autistic child. Indeed, according to one study, in a family undergoing high stress, the support and love offered ensure them good. Indeed, this method would seem to reduce the effects of this stress;
  • By getting rid of discomfort, the approach helps to focus on positive things and to better organize oneself in the mind. As a result, it allows clear decisions to be made;
  • It improves self-confidence.

How does a session of this Option technique take place?

The Option method is generally offered in an Institute. This offers access programs on various themes, particularly focused on well-being. Moreover, some formulas require a stay in the Institute and others a training at home. To do this, the techniques performed are generally based on a dialogue, a preparation session or a follow-up. For dialogues, this takes place face to face or by telephone. It can last up to an hour. The principles of these conversations can then be applied independently. In addition, the professional in charge of this training must have an accreditation from the Institute.


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