Choosing the right fat burner

Choosing the right fat burner

When looking to burn fat, the first instinct is to join a gym and go on a diet. The combination of physical activity and a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates makes it possible to stimulate the muscles and mobilize the stored fats in order to eliminate them. It is also possible to speed up the process by adding a fat burner. But beware, many references are available on the market and faced with this density of choice, it is best to turn to professionals who will be able to advise you. What is the best fat burner? Which fat burner will make you lose weight fast? How to lose abdominal fat?
Follow our advice to make the right choice!

How does a fat burner work?

The different fat burners


These are formulas that burn fat in order to release fatty acids which will then be used by the muscles as fuel.

Lipotropics transform fat into energy and they have the advantage of not stimulating the heart muscle : these products are absolutely not stimulating.

L-Carnitine, for example, is one of the most famous lipotropics, not only because it is extremely effective, but also because it is free of unwanted side effects. L-Carnitine supplementation is one of the safest.

The same is true for CLAs. CLA is a linoleic fatty acid, from the Omega-6 family. It mobilizes stored fat, especially on the abdominal strap. It is for this reason that men willingly turn to this fat burner.

But women also have every interest in supplementing with CLA: they also store fat around the abdominal strap and CLA burns all the stored fat. It simply targets the abdominals, especially at the start of use.


These fat burners contain at least one stimulant source.

As a rule, it is caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system and mobilizes stored fat.

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The advantage of thermogenics is that they provide a pleasant boost, especially when consumed before training.

The workout optimizes fat tissue melting and the thermogenic fat burner optimizes the workout. It’s a winning circle!

Appetite suppressants

These fat burners work by targeting the problem at its source: overeating. Thereby, they act by accelerating the effect of satiety during the meal, and by lengthening the duration of digestion. This limits cravings, sugar cravings, and thus reduces calorie intake. Some appetite suppressants act on the central nervous system and are designed with powerful stimulants. These appetite suppressants are dangerous and we do not recommend them. In contrast, fibre-based appetite suppressants such as konjak are very effective in stabilizing blood glucose levels. Others limit sugar cravings by acting directly on neurotransmitters. This is the case of tryptophan. It acts on the brain as if we had consumed sugar. Except that there is no sugar! This allows you to better manage the anxiety generated by low carbohydrate diets, but also to sleep better and above all to eat less.


They are not fat burners strictly speaking, but they help to destock the liquids trapped in the tissues and improve muscle definition.

Women are particularly fond of this type of product, because it is precisely water retention that causes cellulite.

Eiyolab, with its Burner FG, has designed a special formula for cellulite, targeting the problem of water retention at its source: it burns fat, improves venous return and unclogs the water trapped between adipocytes.

Which fat burner is right for you?

To be sure of doing it right, start by paying special attention to the components of the “ideal” fat burner. It is necessary to choose in priority fat burners which contain active ingredients known to effectively eliminate stored fat and subcutaneous water retention. L-Carnitine and CLA, for example, can help you lose weight quickly and should be used first. Also, all ingredients that promote fat burning are preferred: caffeine, green tea, garcinia cambogia, etc. It is also necessary to know how to distinguish fat burners according to their primary objective:
– Accelerate the melting of adipose tissue
– Increase calorie expenditure
– Improve physical performance to perform more exercises
– Combat water retention
– Reduce appetite
The choice of fat burner must therefore be made according to the objectives to be achieved and what works best for your body.

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Looking to burn fat and get rid of subcutaneous water retention

HCA prevents the formation of new adipocytes (fat cells). Burner HT® also contains chitosan, which captures fats absorbed directly in the stomach and prevents their digestion. These fats, bound to the fibers of chitosan (which does not degrade during digestion), are directly directed towards the intestines to be evacuated.

Finally, Burner HT® contains green tea, a thermogenic which has the ability to mobilize stored fat in order to transform it into energy, but which also has diuretic properties to fight against subcutaneous water retention and all the problems it involves: heavy legs, cellulitis and circulation problems.

Looking to burn abdominal fat

It is also a “global” fat burner, but its action is much more visible on the entire abdominal strap.

CLA is by far the best fat burner for removing the “lifeline”.

You are rather looking for an appetite suppressant effect

Looking to fight cellulite

Burner FG® from Eiyolab is the most effective fat burner in the management of water retention and venous return. It is the only burner on the market to be able to unclog cellulite by acting on its causes:
– It contains thermogenics (caffeine, green tea and a salicylate) and lipotropics that mobilize fats so that they are used for energy purposes.

– Burner FG® also contains very effective diuretics and depuratives (green tea, artichoke and dandelion) which help to drain liquids, preventing them from storing under the skin and between fat cells (hence the orange peel effect)

– Venous return: the gingko biloba and grape extract that make up Burner FG® are powerful veinotonics that improve venous return and strengthen blood vessel walls, in addition to being powerful antioxidants. Poor venous return and poor blood circulation are one of the main causes of cellulite.

– Fight against hunger and sugar cravings: the accumulation of fat deposits and cellulite is basically caused by a diet that is too high in calories, often too sweet. Burner FG® contains tryptophan, chromium and rhodiola rosea which act in synergy to curb sugar cravings and better manage stress during periods of low carbohydrate diets. It decreases appetite and limits sweet cravings.

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Looking for a very powerful fat burner

Burner XT® from Eiyolab is a thermogenic fat burner that elevates metabolism for more than 8 hours. It is also rich in caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system and mobilizes stored fat.

Burner XT® is thus a fat burner that is useful to consume before training: its fat-burning effect is multiplied and fats are burned even faster.

Burner XT takes its effectiveness from a 4-step action:
– It destocks fat
– It burns mobilized fats
– It eliminates water retention
– It limits the feeling of hunger

Burner XT is to date the most powerful fat burner of its generation, thanks to its long-acting thermogenic action.

Our advice for using your fat burner properly

To avoid entering the spiral of overdose, it is necessary to take breaks during the week, throughout the duration of use. For example, only consume the thermogenic fat burner on training days, or 5 days a week, followed by 2 “rest” days. Taking these breaks will allow you to take full advantage of the fat-burning properties of your burner and avoid nervous fatigue.

During or between meals, the choice is yours

Lipotropic fat burners such as L-Carnitine are most effective when taken on an empty stomach and before training. Thermogenic fat burners, on the other hand, can be taken with a meal or on an empty stomach, depending on what you expect from your fat burner. If you are looking for a boost effect or you want to use your fat burner to boost your workouts and accelerate fat loss, take it on an empty stomach. It will have a shorter effect but its thermogenic effects will be more advanced. If you are looking for a sustained effect over several hours, take your fat burner with a meal. CLAs, on the other hand, are effective when taken with a meal or on an empty stomach. The choice is yours.

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