Cistus ladaniferous essential oil in aromatherapy

The cistus ladanifer is a shrub from the Mediterranean regions whose young shoots secrete a viscous resin called ladanum. Its scientific name is Cistus ladaniferus and it belongs to the Cistaceae family. Its flowers, mainly used in the manufacture of perfumes, have a very pleasant woody smell. Its branches are distilled for the production of an essential oil.

Biochemical composition

I’cistus ladaniferous essential oil is rich in α-pinene (50%) and camphene (6%). Depending on the production conditions, it may contain bornyl acetate, linalyl acetate and viridiflorol. It also contains a trace of ketones.

Uses in aromatherapy


The essential oil of rockrose ladanifer occupies an important place in immunology. Indeed, it has the ability to stimulate and strengthen the immune defenses. It develops, among other things, anti-infectious, antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Thus, it improves immune responses to all forms of aggression. Moreover, some therapists recommend it for treatment of autoimmune diseases, viral infections and childhood pathologies. A distinction is made in particular between measles, whooping cough and chickenpox.

In addition, it contains haemostatic activities. In other words, it has the power to stop bleeding, even hemorrhaging. It is particularly effective for manage the flow of heavy periods.

Finally, it helps fight diarrhea and arterial diseases of inflammatory origin.


This oil exerts a regulating action on the nervous system. In doing so, it leaves room for relaxation and relaxation. It is particularly effective in the context of treatment of mental disorders. A distinction is made between insomnia, nervousness, anxiety and stress. It also participates in the restoration of emotional balance.

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Cistus ladaniferous essential oil is the ideal ally for beautiful and healthy skin. It helps, in fact, to treat various dermatological conditions. Vulnerable, it first heals wounds while accelerating healing. It also helps to treat chapping, cracks, acne, stretch marks and herpes. Finally, it reduces the effects of cellular aging, namely wrinkles and lack of tone.

Usage tips

Essential oil (HE) / vegetable oil HV


I’cistus ladaniferous essential oil can be used in its pure form for the treatment of minor wounds. For other uses, it is best mixed with vegetable oil and cosmetic preparations. The usual dosage is 1 drop of HE for 4 drops of HV. Then apply the mixture directly to the skin.

To take advantage of its relaxing virtues, incorporate 5 drops of HE in liquid soap then take a bath.

Oral route

Refer to a therapist’s prescription.


Cistus ladaniferous essential oil is contraindicated during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in case of major wounds. Administration to children should also be under the supervision of a physician. Finally, inhalation and diffusion are not recommended due to the presence of ketones.


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