Colchicum Autumnale, the effective solution in case of nausea

The homeopathic medicine Colchicum Autumnale or Autumn Colchicum comes from colchicum. It is a perennial herb of European wet meadows. It is one of the species of plants belonging to the Liliaceae family. As its name suggests, it blooms especially in autumn. This very toxic plant is also called dog killer, bastard saffron or meadow saffron. Indeed, it contains an alkaloid poison: colchicine. It is a vigorous toxic substance that is still used to treat certain diseases. The treatment of various diseases may be possible thanks to the principle of similarity. The mother tincture and strain Colchicum Autumnale come from the bulb of this plant (harvested at the very beginning of summer). This remedy from the Boiron laboratory particularly regulates eupeptic syndromes with nauseated states.

Colchicum Autumnale: benefits and values ​​in therapeutic care

Colchicum Autumnale from the Boiron laboratory evokes a homeopathic medicine traditionally used to calm nausea. Indeed, it alleviates the nausea of ​​pregnancy and the nausea due to antimitotic agents. It is an excellent regulator of the uric acid metabolic system, especially in terms of its suppression. It facilitates the treatment of digestive syndromes (with disgust for food), dyspepsia and enterocolitis. It can soothe gout attacks, diarrhea and kidney stones.

the Colchicum Autumnale intervenes in anthroposophical medicine to treat thyroid pathologies such as agitation and anxiety in patent/latent hyperthyroidism. He fights against hyperuricemia. It also heals the rheumatic diseases (associated with gouty arthritis, hyperthyroidism, polyarthritis or collagenosis).

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When to use the homeopathic remedy Colchicum Autumnale?

The homeopathic remedy Colchicum Autumnale is used in low dilution of 5 CH to treat gout attack. In this case, you can swallow 3 granules every hour, then space out as soon as there is improvement. In high dilution, you can take 9 to 15 CH, 10 granules in one take or one dose per week.

In case of dyspepsia and enterocolitis, 7CH of Colchicum Autumnale, two to three times a day. For the nausea from chemotherapy, 15 CH, 5 pellets on demand. In obstetrics, take 7 CH 2 to 3 times a day. To stop the attack of gout, administer 3 pellets before taking meals. The frequency of intake varies between 2 to 3 times a day depending on the intensity of the attack. In case of vomiting or nausea during the first 3 months of pregnancy, 3 pellets 2 to 3 times a day. This dose is more than enough to calm these disorders.

In full knowledge of its toxicity, the first dilution delivered without medical prescription remains 1 DH. We must not forget that it is on list II of poisonous substances. Contact your online pharmacist to find out the right dose for your disorder or state of health.


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