Colds: Getting to sleep with a stuffy nose

The common cold is a disease known to everyone, even if it is rarely bad, it can be a real respiratory ordeal for those affected, thus reducing the oxygen supply and providing constant discomfort. This is particularly unpleasant during the sleep phases, because the body does not manage to put itself in the rest phase correctly, thus preventing it from sleeping.

Nasopharyngitis, better known as the common cold, is an infection of the nasal passages, it is usually accompanied by congestion of the ENT tract, sneezing, coughing, discharge of mucus and other symptoms.
The common cold is caused by a virus, it can be contracted following a drop in immunity (itself caused by a cold snap, cumulative fatigue, poor diet, etc.).

During the day, the person is aware of his state and can remedy it, he cannot however resort to solutions while he sleeps, if he manages however to sleep according to his state. This can greatly affect the rest phase which is itself necessary for the patient’s good recovery, which is why it is important to prepare for sleep, here are some practical tips to help you fall asleep with a stuffy nose:

Ventilate the bedroom: Being already diminished in oxygen supply, keeping the bedroom well ventilated is a way to reduce the impact of the common cold while you sleep.

Limit humidity in the room and eliminate dust: You risk further accentuating the blockage in your nose if your room is humid and dusty, make sure to keep your environment clean and dry (this also applies to your sheets, blankets and beds).

Clear the nasal passages before sleeping: Get yourself in the best possible condition before going to bed. Several nasal sprays, vapors and other natural solutions are available, their effectiveness is to be considered.

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Drink more water than usual: The secretion of mucus alone consumes a lot of water, make sure to compensate for this lack of hydration.

Avoiding smoking and chemicals: Many things can further irritate an already weakened mucous membrane, if you are a smoker or if there is a smoker near you, if you sleep in a room filled with cans of paint or glue ( Example: an artist’s bedroom), so make sure to keep those things away from your bed.

Even if it is persistent, a cold is often not nasty, be patient and methodical. These few tips can help you sleep better and therefore recover faster.


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