Collinsonia is effective in treating physical discomfort

Constipation refers to a common digestive disorder. Whether of chronic or transient origin, this pathology always causes significant discomfort. Subjects who suffer from it can be victims of stinging pains. They can rarely have a bowel movement more than twice a week. Fortunately, there is a homeopathic treatment that effectively addresses this problem. Collinsonia designates a homeopathic strain which particularly solves constipation and hemorrhoidal problems. A remedy derived from a plant native to North America and South East Asia. It is a genus and a species of perennial (flowering) plants in the family Lamiaceae. The Boiron laboratory prepares the homeopathic dilution and the mother tincture through the dried rhizome of this plant. Homeopathic medicine focuses on the roots of the plant which, once dried, are left to macerate in a solvent to obtain the mother tincture.

The traditional use of this plant strain goes back several times. Among Native Americans, its use consists in particular in the production of poultices (intended to treat deep lesions). This exceptional remedy activates the natural defense mechanisms. This allows the body to heal itself. In homeopathy, Collinsonia takes the form of drinkable solutions (ampoule, drop), oral powder, ointment and granules. Also available in the form of tablets and doses.

The therapeutic qualities and values ​​of the Collinsonia remedy

Collinsonia has many therapeutic benefits. It further eliminates the symptoms related to the chronic constipation or punctual and vulvar varices. Moreover, this remedy does not only focus on this kind of pathology, it can treat other ailments. Indeed, it treats the congestion of the small pelvis and the cough of the speakers (intensive use of the voice). It can be taken in case of digestive disorders or ailments.

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Homeopathic medicine also uses Collinsonia to heal and calm hemorrhoids with sensation of constriction, burning/stinging pains. These are frequently improved by bleeding or by the onset of menstruation.

Collinsonia: various dosages

In principle (in these previously mentioned indications), the collinsonia homeopathic medicine is used in 4 to 5 CH. To be taken two to three times a day. But to really help you, here are five examples of very specific dosages:

  • Chronic obstinate constipation (with a tendency to hemorrhoidal attacks), 5 CH of 5 granules, 3 times / day.
  • In case of constipation associated with tooth loss in children, 4 C with 5 granules morning and evening.
  • Constipation with hemorrhoids3 pellets, 5 CH of Collinsonia, twice a day.
  • Constipation of large stools difficult to expel, 5 CH at the rate of 5 granules morning and evening.
  • Vulvar varices during pregnancy5 CH at the rate of 5 granules, 3 times / day.


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