Colorectal cancer: the foods that protect the most

The benefits of the Mediterranean Diet on the risk of colorectal cancer are well known. However, it was difficult to isolate specific protective foods. A new study suggests the role of fish, fruit and less consumption of sugary drinks.

Less colorectal cancer in the Mediterranean basin

The Mediterranean diet is renowned for its cardioprotective effect. Less known is its beneficial role in reducing the incidence of certain forms of cancer, including colorectal cancer. On the occasion of the 19th World Congress on gastrointestinal cancer of the European Society for Medical Oncology, in Barcelona, ​​Israeli researchers presented the results of a study following 808 adults aged 40 to 70 years. The volunteers were engaged in screening or colonoscopy for intestinal polyps. They were not considered at high risk of colorectal cancer and responded to a food frequency questionnaire. The objective was to see whether adherence to a Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of advanced polyps (a sign of advanced colorectal cancerous lesion) and to what extent certain foods were incriminated in this relationship.

3 priority choices: eat fruit, fish and drink less sugar

First observation: in comparison with subjects presenting negative colonoscopies, those who had advanced polyps declared fewer components of the Mediterranean diet on their plate (1.9 component against 4.3).

Second observation: the relationship is dose-dependent. As the number of components of the Mediterranean diet increases, the ratio of advanced polyps decreases. Finally, after adjusting for other risk factors for colorectal cancer (including other foods), the results indicate that the combination “fish + fruit + low consumption of sugary drinks” is the best preventive attitude. Indeed, this combination alone reduces the risk of advanced polyps by more than 30%. The authors will now investigate whether these results are associated with a reduction in mortality and are also true in individuals at high risk of colorectal cancer.

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Fliss Isakov Naomi: World GI 2017 Press Release: Zoning in on Specifics of Mediterranean Diet for Colorectal Health. Gastrointestinal cancers

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