Combine several forms of creatine for maximum performance!

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Combine creatines for more muscle mass

Creatine is one of the most effective and widely used sports supplements in the world. It is naturally present in our diet, especially in red meat.

Action of creatine in the muscles

When muscles are forced to contract, regardless of the form of physical exercise or sport, the molecule (ATP) loses its phosphate to create energy and becomes ADP (Adenosine Di Phosphate). To continue to make the muscles work, this ADP molecule must be transformed back into ATP thanks to another phosphate. So there is a recycling process in the body to ensure the continuity of energy production by the muscles. Creatine helps this process of energy renewal and encourages the body to continue the effort, allowing the intense engagement of the muscles over longer periods.

creatine monohydrate

Although creatine monohydrate, the first form of creatine on the market, is an effective product, it is not on its own the answer to maximum performance. The synergy of several types of creatine is a more effective way to optimize its results.

creatine pyruvate

creatine pyruvate for example, has the ability to transport glucose and protein into muscle cells, thereby increasing the concentration of ATP in the muscles. As you surely remember, ATP is converted into energy to produce the force necessary for your muscles to contract

creatine citrate

creatine citrate combines a molecule of creatine with a molecule of citric acid. It therefore plays a fundamental role in energy metabolism. The citrate-creatine combination could therefore enhance energy production in active muscles.

The mixture of these 3 creatines

The combination of these 3 types of creatine offers an ideal synergy for maximum performance, each molecule of creatine having its own attributes and bringing its own impact to optimize performance and muscle growth. This elevation of creatine in the body induces better muscle mass gain, optimized fat loss as well as improved strength and explosiveness..
So if you’re looking for muscle growth, a creatine complex is part of the solution. Beyond the simple fact that it increases energy levels and promotes lean muscle gain, this complex will also induce sustained exercise endurance and better recovery.

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