Control your weight: 9 tips to reduce your calorie and weight gain

You don’t always have to follow a strict diet to consume fewer calories and lose weight. A few everyday tips can help you. Here are 9 ways to reduce your calorie intake and weight gain.

1) Essential oils to breathe to cut sugar cravings:

Several times a day, breathe in the aromas of essential oils of cinnamon, rose or vanilla. The smell of these essential oils stimulates the production of serotonin and limits the craving for sweets, which makes it easier to resist the temptation of sweets and candies.

2) Drink one or two glasses of still water (preferably cold) before the meal: the appetite is immediately reduced.

3) Spice up your dishes, it reduces the desire to eat fat.

4) For canned foods, such as fish, take them plain rather than in oil.

5) Choose whole grains for all things bread, rice and pasta.

6) Favor cooking with steam, in their jackets, on the grill, in water and in court-bouillon.

7) The butter that comes out of the fridge being difficult to spread on the bread, we tend to use excessive quantities. Leave the butter in a butter dish in a kitchen cupboard. It keeps very well out of the fridge, in a closed receptacle, and will be immediately easy to spread in thin layers.

8) Serve the meal on the plates, yes it’s more logistics but the dishes served in a saucepan or a dish on the table, encourage you to serve yourself in excess or to refill. Count three quarters of vegetables for a quarter of meat or fish.

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9) Finally, for dessert ice cream, opt for a scoop of sorbet (composed of water and fruit) rather than ice cream, which is always high in fat.

* At press health we strive to transmit medical knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace medical advice. [HighProtein-Foods.com]

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