Coronavirus: a drop in morale? the right time to stock up on vitamin D

A drop in morale, a feeling of fatigue, muscle weakness? How about replenishing vitamin D?

Did you know ?

  • 36% of men have a significant deficiency in this precious vitamin,
  • 47% of women,
  • 60% of people over 75,
  • 90% of people placed in institutions

During confinement, a cure is essential!

Vitamin D is liposoluble, which means that it is soluble in fat and therefore needs fatty substances to be transported and assimilated: the walnut oil that you use in your salads provides you with omega 3 and in addition facilitates the transportation of vitamin D, it’s magic!

This vitamin has long been known for its protective effect on bone tissue at any age. It acts in particular by increasing the intestinal assimilation of calcium and its fixation on the skeleton, increasing or at least preserving bone mineral density.

Recent work has shown that it is also essential for proper muscle function, promoting contraction and renewal of muscle fibers.

It is also protective of neurons, participating in the prevention of the decline of intellectual faculties with advancing age.

By improving insulin sensitivity (and thus reducing inflammatory phenomena and the risk of arterial hypertension), it could contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Modulating the functioning of the immune system, its role is considered (but not demonstrated) in the protection against certain cancers and certain autoimmune diseases (diseases during which the body produces antibodies against its own tissues), such as diabetes type 1 or rheumatoid arthritis.

But where to find this nugget and how to assimilate it?

Good news, we can stock up on cholecalciferol or vitamin D because our liver can store it.

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How? ‘Or’ What ? In 2 ways:

  • Through our food.
  • Fish oils, fatty fish, eggs, butter, or dairy products contain it (in order of concentration).

  • By exposing ourselves to the sun for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • I agree, the period of confinement is not ideal, but let’s do good luck against bad luck. : if you have a sunny window, a balcony, a terrace, let’s go.

    Put on a small tank top so that you have as much bare skin as possible. Put on your most beautiful sunglasses, you’re there!

    Do you feel this warming so pleasant and comforting?

    Make yourself comfortable, why not on an armchair with good music and a book or lying on the floor, the choice is yours.

    Stay at least 30 minutes in this posture and there, miracle, under the action of UVB, cholesterol; present under your skin will be transformed into cholecalciferol which will be transported to the liver and kidneys and metabolized into calcitriol, the final form of vitamin D.

    It’s magic. To do again every sunny day!

    In short: adopt the right diet and expose yourself to the sun for at least 30 minutes a day, even if it is true that in March at our latitudes the inclination of the sun’s rays is not yet optimal for the synthesis of this vitamin, you will have done yourself good, will have had a good time: it revives because the sun is good for morale and that is a certainty.

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    VSontact our dietitian Valérie for a personalized follow-up:

    Valerie Schellingen

    DE dietitian nutritionist, coach and certified mental trainer
    [email protected]


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