Coronavirus: masks for children, the important points to respect

Do you have a mask? An adult mask maybe, but what about children’s? They will soon go back to school. Now is the time to worry about wearing a mask for the fastest. Not easy for them. This article will give you some useful pointers.

The recommendations to follow around masks have changed very quickly over the past few weeks. Now, face masks are recommended for everyone. Children over the age of 2, including when in public. With the return to school for all children, the question of wearing a mask will arise for them too.

No mask for children under 2 years old: too dangerous

Since most of the information on masks is aimed at adults, it is important to understand the needs of children. Children under 2 should not be masked. Although we want to protect our youngest babies, newborns or children under 2 years old have small airways, and it is best not to restrict their breathing. It is best to favor the use of a baby carrier or a belly harness if you have to take a baby out in public as another means of protection.

The important points of the mask for children: size, fabric, fit and training

Size, fabric and fit are important points to respect for children’s masks. Because our children come in different sizes, it’s important to find a mask that isn’t too big or too tight. Make sure the mask covers their nose and mouth. Make sure it’s a comfortable fabric for them to wear, that it doesn’t scratch them or make it too difficult for them to breathe. Remind children that even with a mask, they should avoid touching their face. You can practice masking at home before you go out, so your kids get used to having it on their face.

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Wear the mask in public

As for when to wear a mask, parents should refer to social distancing guidelines. Like continuing to avoid large gatherings. Some families may feel like they can do certain things with others, as long as they wear a mask. But the purpose of masking is to have an extra layer of protection for ourselves and our loved ones. No need to add a risk by increasing the probability of encountering the virus. We are of course on the downward part of the epidemic, but even today, there are new cases.

If you are going to walk around the neighborhood, safely without the presence of other people, the mask for children is not necessary.

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