Coronavirus: specific essential oils in prevention and treatment

Essential oils have a very broad field of action, including that of the fight against viruses. They can boost our antiviral immune system, boost our general natural immunity, and even attack the virus itself. In the case of the coronavirus, Pierre Franchomme, a specialist in essential oils for 30 years, who currently advises centers in China on the essential oils to use, gave us valuable information to prevent and fight against the coronavirus.

First, here are the important things to know about the coronavirus:

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, which cause illnesses ranging from a simple cold (some seasonal viruses are coronaviruses) to more severe pathologies such as SARS. The virus identified in China is a novel coronavirus. It was named 2019-nCoV. Standard hygiene measures (washing hands, cleaning surfaces) are effective.

What are the symptoms of respiratory infection caused by coronavirus?

The main symptoms are fever and respiratory signs such as cough or shortness of breath. In more severe cases, the patient may present with acute respiratory distress, acute renal failure, or even multi-visceral failure that can lead to death.

How serious is the disease?

Among the cases reported to date, several patients have developed a severe form of the disease, some of whom have died.

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The virus can cause symptoms similar to moderate flu, but also more severe symptoms. The disease can also progress over time in a patient. Patients with pre-existing chronic diseases (such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, respiratory disease) seem more likely to develop severe forms, as do the elderly.

How contagious is the disease?

Human-to-human transmission has been confirmed, but the number of secondary cases linked to an initial case has not yet been determined. Investigations are underway to determine the degree of contagiousness and modes of transmission. Intra-family cases are described and some caregivers have been contaminated by not respecting droplet-type hygiene precautions (flu model)

How is this virus transmitted?

The disease is transmitted by postilions (sneezing, coughing), close contacts are necessary to transmit the disease. There is close contact for a person who shared the same living space as the sick person when the latter presented symptoms (family, same hospital or boarding school room) or who had direct, face-to-face contact. , less than 1 meter from the sick person when coughing, sneezing or talking in the absence of effective protective measures.

How is the diagnosis of coronavirus pneumonia established?

A specific biological examination is necessary to confirm the 2019-nCoV infection. A rapid detection test has been developed by the national reference center for respiratory viruses. To date, it is practiced by the CNR (Institut Pasteur) and is being deployed in other medical biology laboratories.

What treatments are available?

To date, no specific treatment has been identified for this new coronavirus. Several treatments, currently used in other viral pathologies, are being evaluated, in France and in conjunction with the WHO, for use against 2019-nCoV. In the meantime, the treatment is symptomatic.

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Should I use a mask?

Wearing a surgical mask is recommended for sick people who have symptoms, that is to say when they cough or sneeze to avoid spreading the disease through postillions (airway). The wearing of this type of mask by the non-sick population in order to avoid catching the disease is not part of the recommended barrier measures and its effectiveness has not been demonstrated.

Essential oils in prevention and against the coronavirus

Pierre Franchomme, father of aromatherapy in France for 30 years, is currently working with centers in China to advise them on essential oils to use in prevention and to fight against this virus. Asked by pressesante.com, he answers:

Pierre Franchomme: “The coronavirus is an “enveloped virus”, therefore quite vulnerable to essential oils. As a preventive measure, I recommend that you stimulate the immune system, especially the Natural killer cells with essential oil of guava leaves: 2 drops orally per day (mixed with cooking oil or honey).

Then, if you feel unusual symptoms: cough, fever, etc. and you have good reason to believe that you have been exposed to the virus (which in France is currently unlikely), use essential oil of Noble laurel: Massage both feet with 5 pure drops on each foot, several times a day.

You can buy these essential oils commercially. Please note that they are certified organic. Otherwise, you can get some premium ones here:


https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/soins-et- Maladies/ Maladies/ Maladies-infectieuses/coronavirus/

Pierre Franchomme is a leader in the field of medicinal essential oils. A true pioneer since 1975, he is notably the discoverer of several essential oils that are essential today such as ravintsara, tea tree, radiated eucalyptus, immortelle, fragrant inule… His immense research work has posed the bases of aromatic pharmacology, leading him to impose the fundamental notion of “chemotype” and to collaborate with prestigious organizations: Institut Pasteur in Paris, Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse, CNRS, and many others. Pierre Franchomme is also an Aromatherapy teacher and founder of the humanitarian association Aromatherapy Without Borders.

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