What is creatine?

What is creatine?

Creatine is a molecule naturally present in the muscles and the brain, and it is obtained from the synthesis methionine, glycine and arginine. It is found in all red meats, but it is in food supplements that the forms of creatine are the most effective and the most concentrated.

What are the benefits of creatine?

What are the benefits of creatine?

Creatine is a renowned ergogen in the sports world, in particular thanks to its ability to regenerate energy stores in the muscle fibers more quickly. It is proven to be effective and safe in short, explosive and repeated effortsbut studies on the subject suggest that it also has many health benefits.

The benefits of creatine

– increases energy stores in muscle fibers
– accelerates muscle development and mass gain
– increases levels of growth factors
– reduces the synthesis of myostatin
– increases strength and ballistic power
– increases resistance to fatigue
– improves muscle recovery
– optimizes cognitive performance
– reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and most neurological diseases
– reduces blood glucose levels and the risk of diabetes

Creatine for performance

Creatine for performance

Creatine supplementation is useful for improving power, explosiveness, and strength, but is also recommended for optimizing bulking or muscle-building programs. Indeed, it has the power to retain water in muscle fibers, and thus better capture nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. Optimally fed, the latter benefit better hypertrophy and also accelerated and reinforced muscle recovery. Creatine is often present in nutrition products for post-workout recovery, where it finds its place among the most effective supplements to repair muscle tissue and thus optimize its development. This is a very easy to use supplement. It can be consumed alone, mixed with water, protein powder or a gainer, and its consumption, within the limit of 3g per day, is without risk to health.

Creatine is a food supplement adaptable to all sports programs

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Creatine is a dietary supplement that can be adapted to all sports programs:

Mass gain

Creatine improves the transport of carbohydrates and promotes the swelling of muscle fibers.

muscle building

By improving the recovery and synthesis of amino acids, creatine optimizes muscle development and volume gain.


By promoting the synthesis of ATP, creatine improves performance in short, intense and repeated efforts. It is therefore particularly recommended in sports such as athletic strength, bodybuilding or weightlifting.

The power

Strength and speed are enhanced in the presence of large amounts of creatine. Thus, combat sports such as MMA, judo, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu or boxing may derive the greatest benefit from creatine supplementation.

Which creatine to choose?

Which creatine to choose?

There are many sources of creatine, from kre-alkalyn to creatine citrate, or creatine hydrochloride, each with a higher or lower absorption rate. But the creatine which wins all the votes and which enjoys the support of the scientific community, it’s creatine monohydrate. If you are considering supplementing with creatine and are hesitant about the wide choice available to you, opt for the safest and most effective, creatine monohydrate!
Also, you are probably wondering if creatine is more effective in powder or in capsules. Be aware that the product remains the same, but the dosage is more precise in capsule or tablet form. In contrast, powdered creatine is more economical. You choose !

When and how to take creatine?

When and how to take creatine?

We usually take our creatine before or after trainingdepending on the objectives.

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If you are looking to increase your strength in training, take 3g of creatine about 1 hour before your bodybuilding, powerlifting or weightlifting session.

If you are looking to improve your muscle recoverytake your creatine after each session.

To optimize your weight gaintake 1g of creatine 3 times a day, preferably mixed with your gainer or other muscle building product.

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