Criste marine essential oil: virtues in aromatherapy

The samphire, as its name suggests, is a plant that grows mainly in soils impregnated with sea salt. In addition, it shows a strong resistance to the drought characteristic of the rocks of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Occupying an important place in natural medicine, it is especially popular in aromatherapy. Indeed, thanks to the distillation of its flowering tops, we obtain an essential oil with interesting virtues.

Biochemical composition

I’samphire essential oil contains many active substances which are at the origin of its medicinal properties. We mainly distinguish a high amount of gamma-terpinene (between 40 and 45%) and beta-phellandrene (between 10 and 15%). It also contains monoterpenols and thymol-methyl ether.

In terms of physical characteristic, it is usually pale yellow in color. As for its smell, it is floral and slightly acidic.

Uses in aromatherapy

Being anthelmintic, samphire essential oil promotesexpulsion of intestinal worms. It constitutes a excellent remedy against ailments of parasitic origin. Moreover, due to its decongestant and purgative properties, it tends to stimulate the body’s elimination functions. Thus, it prevents the formation of edema and varicose veins. It also promotes the elimination of fats and lipids. Note that this property is essential in the fight against overweight and obesity.

In the world of cosmetics, this oil represents a major asset for obtaining young and healthy skin. It is mainly indicated in the care of mature skin. Indeed, it promotes regeneration and skin tightening. It also limits the effects of cellular aging, namely wrinkles and slackening of the latter. Also, it helps to get rid of cellulite.

Methods of administration and dosage

Oral administration

It is possible to use samphire essential oil internally. However, this form of administration requires a medical prescription.

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Dermal administration

For a local application, it is preferable to always dilute the essential oil (HE) in vegetable oil (HV). In this case, a 20% dilution dose is recommended, that is to say 2 drops of EO for 8 drops of HV. Then, gently rub the affected areas with the mixture.

In cosmetic preparations (day cream, anti-aging care, lotion), add 1 drop of HE for optimal results.

Diffusion and inhalation

The constitution of this essential oil does not allow these two practices.

Precautions for use, contraindications and side effects

I’samphire essential oil not suitable for:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Children under 6 years old
  • People with a history of seizures or asthma

In addition, before each external use, it is recommended to carry out an allergy test in the crook of the elbow. In case of reactions (redness and/or irritation) after 24 hours, it is advisable to stop using it.

In any case, it should be noted that any therapeutic use must be the subject of prior consultation with a doctor.


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