Cross Training Guide

Cross Training Guide

CrossTraining is a discipline that has become very popular over the past ten years, but it was originally designed in the 70s by Greg and Lauren Glassman, in a garage!

Its principle is mix exercises that recruit different physical abilities, from sports such as gymnastics, weightlifting or athletics. Initially used for the physical preparation of American police officers and the army, CrossTraining is today a sport in its own right, which is practiced in “boxes” and in competition.

This guide reviews the different exercises, the most popular WODs, as well as the dietary rules to adopt to perform at your best and transform your physique thanks to CrossTraining.

Increasingly popular in gyms, in physical preparation and on social networks, CrossTraining, or “cross training” in French, deserves your full attention. Perhaps you have already observed these athletes in often very colorful outfits running, lifting weights, using ropes, rings, bags or any other material specific to the discipline? This is called CrossTraining!

Cross Trainingas its translation indicates, crosses several sports. We mainly find athletic strength, gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance (cardio).

Powerlifting and weightlifting are two disciplines in which you have to lift heavy loads, but the latter two are distinguished by the movements to be performed. CrossTraining is much talked about today in France, but it was invented in 1970 in the United States by a former gymnast and his wife. It has therefore been popular there for much longer.

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If you want to develop your strength, flexibility, agility, balance, power, speed, precision and of course your enduranceboth muscular and cardiorespiratory, this discipline is made for you!

CrossTraining competition

How is training organised?

CrossTraining training is called a WOD, for Workout Of The Day. It is a question of chaining several exercises combining weightlifting, endurance and gymnastics, in a precise time. The goal is to complete several circuits of these sequences, with or without rest, and to beat your own time record at each cycle.

The sessions follow a specific order


  • Warming up. As its name suggests, it will allow you to warm up so start your session gently and avoid injuries. This is a crucial step that should never be overlooked.

  • The technique. The exercises practiced during the WOD are reviewed and explained to ensure that no practitioner is injured. This step also allows you to review your execution technique, which allows you to be more and more efficient in the long run.

  • The WOD. It’s time to give your all and surpass yourself!

  • Recovery. It is during this final stage that your heart rate decreases. You take the opportunity to quench your thirst, breathe and stretch, massage, in order to promote recovery.

What are the benefits of CrossTraining?

If this discipline is practiced by so many people it is of course because its advantages are very numerous!

  • CrossTraining is a community discipline! Unless you practice it alone in your garage, CrossTraining practiced in a gym or in a CrossTraining box is a unique opportunity to forge links with motivated members who push you to overcome your difficulties. You are part of a small family where everyone respects the difficulties of the other and helps them to surpass themselves.

  • It’s a great way to increase your fitness especially your stamina. No more breathtaking stairs after three steps! The intensity generated during CrossTraining sessions develops all physical abilities.

  • The major advantage of CrossTraining is performing functional exercises such as pull-ups which will therefore help you feel better about your body on a daily basis. Lifting the milk packs will no longer be a problem!

  • The workouts are so varied. that it is almost impossible to get bored and get bored! In CrossTraining, routine is not part of the vocabulary!

  • The sessions are relatively shortbetween 30 and 45 minutes, which allows those in a hurry to practice regular physical activity in a short time, several times a week.

  • CrossTraining is a mixed discipline. Both men and women can practice it. There is even the possibility of working by level. Also, don’t worry about finding yourself facing experts, everyone progresses at their own pace.

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Crosstraining and financial budget

The disadvantages of CrossTraining

  • Like all badly executed sporting disciplines, CrossTraining can lead to injuries. It is therefore essential to warm up well and to always favor execution over performance.

  • For the same reasons, practicing CrossTraining alone, as a beginner, is not always ideal since no one can help you improve your movements. The CrossTraining classes given in the classroom are given by a specialized coach.

  • At last, membership costs are often higher than weight room memberships. However, this point should change as CrossTraining becomes more democratic in France.

CrossTraining is a very complete discipline which is very interesting for those who wish to develop many of their physical abilities. However, it remains an intense sporting discipline. We therefore recommend that you start gradually to avoid getting discouraged, or worse, hurting yourself.

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