CrossTraining: which food supplements?

The first: creatine

Creatine consumption up to 3g per day taken spread over the day will increase your strength and therefore your muscle mass, making you more efficient during your training. If your meal plan contains a lot of red meat, be aware that it is very rich in natural creatine.

The second: beta-alanine

If your resistance to effort increases, your performance obviously follows the pace!
There are no official recommendations for the quantities to consume, but the studies that conducted the tests agree that a dose from 3 to 6g per day spread over the day is sufficient.

The third: bcaas

Also we recommend that you consume it around your training, up to 5g before and 5g after. Powder formulas can also be consumed during training.

Other food supplements

A decline in attention can also be induced by a decrease in the intake of omega 3. These are recognized for their action at many levels of our body. We will cite, in a non-exhaustive way, their action on blood fluidity, on cardiovascular health in general and on the nervous and cerebral system. Consumption of food by providing is recommended, otherwise supplementation will be interesting, especially through fish oils.


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