Cure of type 2 diabetes: when losing weight allows remission

A 10% weight loss in the five years following the diagnosis of diabetes can trigger a remission of the disease. And this without much effort.

Remission in 9 out of 10 people

Extreme calorie restriction for two months after diagnosis of type 2 diabetes has already been shown to lead to remission in almost nine out of ten people. But this approach is particularly restrictive and difficult to follow on a daily basis. A British team (University of Cambridge) tested another method: weight loss over time.

10% weight in months: 30% remission at 5 years

She followed a thousand adults (40 – 69 years old), recently diagnosed with diabetes. They were integrated into a weight loss awareness program based on dietary behavior and physical exercise. The result shows that a 10% weight loss during the first year, followed by stabilization, doubles the probability of remission at five years.

A more gradual weight loss is also beneficial. The remission concerned 30% of the participants in this study, which is not nothing. This goal was achieved “without intensive lifestyle intervention or extreme calorie restriction.” In fact, thoughtful adaptation of eating and physical habits makes it possible, in a significant proportion of cases, to deal effectively with diabetes.


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