Cystitis, sometimes a blocked vertebra issue

The term cystitis refers to an infection of the bladder. It causes frequent urges to urinate and burning when passing urine. If the symptoms are related to the proliferation of bacteria, its origin could be found in the displacement of a lumbar vertebra.

Cystitis corresponds to the proliferation of bacteria called colibacilli from the vagina or anus. Cystitis can be complicated by pyelonephritis (or kidney infection) when the bacteria move up to the kidney. Cystitis affects women more frequently regardless of their age group. The usual treatment for cystitis resorts to antibiotics. The problem of cystitis is the repetition of infectious episodes which often obliges to follow courses of antibiotics several times a year.

The bladder empties poorly, bacteria proliferate

The osteopath does not dispute the infectious origin of the (recurrent) cystitis. But his more general view of the body pushes him to act on certain favorable factors that exist in the tissues of the bladder region. The observation and experience of the osteopath lead him to determine if the bladder is well positioned in the lower abdomen, if it is mobile, if the lower back and the coccyx do not suffer.

Indeed, as soon as the bladder does not move as it should or an organ around it is blocked in its movement, the whole area begins to suffer. The pressures in the bladder are modified: the bladder no longer empties completely and bacteria accumulate in the bladder and sometimes go up to the kidneys. Infection of the bladder and kidney are then favored.

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Lumbar vertebra or sacrum-coccyx joint blocked

As a result, the osteopath then tries to restore mobility to the bladder, to possibly put it back in its original “location” or to treat a lumbar vertebra or a joint between the sacrum and the coccyx which is blocked. .

In parallel with the osteopathic treatment, he can use urinary antiseptic plants, food supplements (to strengthen your body’s immune defenses) and make corrections in your diet.


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