Dancing offers super protection of the heart, even following a cardiovascular accident

Moderate dancing reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease better than walking.

A team of researchers has studied the effect of dancing on cardiovascular mortality and their conclusion is clear: practicing dancing at a moderate intensity reduces, to a better extent than walking, the risk of death following cardiovascular disease. The analysis covers 11 population studies involving 48,000 people. About 3,000 of them danced at all intensities and two-thirds of the group said they walked at various intensities.

The benefit of effort accumulates

The follow-up of these people made it possible to record 1,714 deaths as a result of cardiovascular disease. As one of the authors points out, dancing makes it possible to achieve higher intensities of effort than walking.

And the shorter intervals seem to add up to each other, ultimately resulting in vigorous-intensity physical activity. In addition, dancing forces the brain to concentrate to retain and coordinate movements. This intensifies the activity in question.

The benefit of physical activity with the added pleasure

We know that any physical activity, through the energy expenditure it generates, reduces cardiovascular risk, especially when practiced at moderate intensity.

But, last but not least, any activity practiced with pleasure also makes it possible to return to it more regularly and has an even more positive impact on physical and moral health. In other words, if you’d rather walk than dance, do it! But if walking doesn’t appeal to you, try dancing!

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Merom D et al. Dancing Participation and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, doi.org/10.1016/j.amepre.

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