Depressed? Knowing how to recognize the 11 signs of hidden depression

You may try to hide the signs of depression from others or not realize that you are suffering from it. Although the typical symptoms of depression, such as sadness or hopelessness, are easy to recognize, some symptoms may be less obvious. In this article, we discuss some of the possible hidden signs of depression. However, it is important to note that some of these signs can also indicate other medical problems.

1 Changes in appetite and weight

Eating too much or too little can suggest the presence of depression. Some people turn to food for comfort, while others lose their appetite or eat less due to low mood. These changes in food intake can cause a person to start gaining or losing weight. Dramatic weight changes can also exacerbate depression, as they can affect a person’s self-esteem. Physiological factors may also come into play. For example, there is a link between carrying excess fat and increased inflammation in the body. This in turn may play a role in the development or increased severity of depressive symptoms.

2 Changes in sleep patterns

There is a strong connection between mood and sleep. A lack of sleep can contribute to depression, and depression can make it harder to sleep. Chronic lack of sleep can lead to depression. This could be due to neurochemical changes in the brain. Oversleeping can also be a sign that a person may be suffering from depression.

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3 Use of alcohol or drugs

Some people with mood disorders may use alcohol or drugs to cope with feelings of sadness, loneliness, or hopelessness. About 1 in 5 people with anxiety or a mood disorder such as depression also have an alcohol or drug use disorder. Conversely, the same number of people with an alcohol or substance use disorder also have a mood disorder.

4 Fatigue

Feeling excessively tired is a very common symptom of depression. Some research suggests that more than 90% of people with depression experience fatigue.
Although everyone feels tired from time to time, people who experience severe or persistent fatigue, especially if accompanied by other symptoms, may suffer from hidden depression.

5 Forced Happiness

Hidden depression is sometimes referred to as “smiling depression.” This is because people who hide their symptoms may put on a happy face when they are in the company of other people. However, it can be difficult to maintain this forced happiness, so the mask may fall off and the person may show signs of sadness, despair or loneliness.

6 Less Optimistic Than Others

Studies suggest that people with depression may have more pessimistic tendencies. There is a theory that people with depression may exhibit a trait called “depressive realism”, which means they may be “more specific” in their view of events and the control they have over those events than people who are not. depressed.
Depressed people may also be more pessimistic. Studies suggest that people with major depressive disorder often have a more negative view of the future.
Being more realistic or pessimistic than others can be a sign of depression, especially if the person has other possible symptoms of depression.

7 Loss of focus

When a person wanders off during a conversation or loses their train of thought, it can indicate problems with memory and concentration, which is a common symptom of depression. These difficulties in concentrating and focusing can compound the social impact of depression by making work life and personal relationships more difficult.

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8 Disinterest in hobbies

A loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities is one of the telltale symptoms of depression. Disinterest in activities a person used to enjoy may be one of the first signs other people notice when their loved one is suffering from depression.

9 Physical Pain and Health Disorders

Depression is a mental health problem, but it can also have physical consequences. Besides weight changes and fatigue, here are other physical symptoms of hidden depression to watch out for:

– back pain
– chronic pain
– digestive problems
– headache

Research also indicates that people with major depression are more likely than others to have:
– arthritis
– autoimmune diseases
– cancer
– cardiac disease
– Type 2 diabetes

10 Anger or irritability

Many people do not associate anger and irritability with depression, but these mood swings are not unusual in people with this condition.
Instead of looking sad, some people with hidden depression may show irritability and overt or suppressed anger.

11 A low libido

Changes in libido are a key indicator for diagnosing major depressive episodes. There are several reasons why a person’s libido may decrease when suffering from depression, including:

– a loss of interest in pleasurable activities such as sex
– fatigue and low energy level
– low self-esteem


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