Depressed, tired, stressed: Kasina puts the brain back on the right wavelengths

The brain is a formidable organ that generates waves and electromagnetic fields. These waves each correspond to: the state of sleep, reflection, creativity, relaxation, learning or stress and depression. The helmet, Kasina neuro+, brings together the benefits of light therapy, chromotherapy, visual frequencies, audio frequency sounds (binaural sounds), and hypnosis to put the brain back on the waves of joy, creativity and deep well-being.

Every time you think, move, perceive, sleep, feel sad or happy, different parts of your brain communicate with each other through electrical impulses from neurons.

Any electric current, generates an electromagnetic field, it is the case for the brain which creates magnetic fields in and around your head.

Using measurement tools such as the electroencephalogram (EEG), research has uncovered a wide range of brain waves:

  • Those of the very low level of activity existing during deep sleep, the Delta waves
  • Those of the intermediate state between deep sleep and wakefulness, the Theta waves
  • Those of the creative, relaxed state, linked to the imagination, the Alpha waves
  • Those associated with reasoning thinking, stress: Beta waves

When one is depressed, tired, stressed, the brain is saturated with beta waves. Meditation, sophrology, hypnosis for example allow to pass in alpha wave, which gets a better being quickly. But to maintain this state for a long time, it must be repeated often and it is not always easy to take an hour to meditate or to have a quick appointment with your hypnotherapist.

Kasina+: getting your brain back on track

The Kasina headset has been developed to help you modify your brain waves as simply and efficiently as possible. Kasina acts on these brain frequencies to alter your state of consciousness. It allows either to induce a more or less deep state of relaxation (Meditation, gentle relaxation, deep relaxation, sleep) or to increase your intellectual performance (concentration, memorization, visualization, creativity, etc.).

To achieve this, a large arsenal of proven solutions have been brought together. Thus, the Kasina brings together

Binaural sound:

When you listen to sounds using stereo headphones, the frequency of which differs from one ear to the other, your brain will automatically vibrate at a frequency equivalent to the difference of the 2 frequencies. This sound, coming from the first 2, having its own frequency, is called ‘binaural sound’. These sounds thus make it possible to synchronize the two cerebral hemispheres, at a chosen frequency. With this ability to make your two hemispheres vibrate in unison, you reach your full potential. You become highly productive, coherent, centered and unified.

Photon pulses:

A rate of exposure to light with a particular intensity can impact the brain waves and the state of consciousness of a subject. Luminous glasses dedicated to training can increase beta-endorphin levels by 25% and serotonin levels by 21% on average. They would also have an effect on premenstrual syndromes, chronic fatigue, depression, hypertension and many other disorders.

Sound, light, state of light hypnosis, deep and lasting modification of brain waves, the Kasina helmet is a simple and natural solution to allow your brain to radiate the best waves of well-being, vitality and deep rest.

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Want to know more: a free webinar to understand everything and ask your questions:

On Monday January 27, at 8:30 p.m., a webinar will be hosted by the French casino headset specialist, Armenio Da Costa and François Lehn, health journalist.

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