Detox: choose your grape cure

Autumn is the ideal season to discover the many virtues of grapes while detoxifying your body. “The grape cure drains the emunctory organs, the liver, the intestines, the kidneys, explains Caroline Struski, naturopath.

That mono diet lightens the digestive work, few enzymes are needed to digest a single food. The grape is a fruit rich in water and magnesiumwhich contributes to drainage.

A grape cure for what benefits?

The benefits of this practice are numerous. ” The grape mono diet helps the body eliminate accumulated toxins, specifies Christelle Dallerac, naturopath. After the cure, you feel less tired, you look better and you are less constipated. »

Prefer organic grapes, which are healthier. For whites, take Chasselas, with its thin skin and balanced sugar content, or Muscat, which is very digestible. The black grape is more tannic and its skin thick. Alternate.

The so-called supplementary grape cure

It’s for you if… “you do not have good food hygiene”suggests Christelle Dallerac.

In practice :“You eat a bunch of grapes at the start of your meals, says Caroline Struski, or as a snack around 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. »

The so-called partial grape cure

It’s for you if… “you have a dull complexion, poor quality sleep, if you feel tired when you wake up, or if you do not tolerate integral monodiets”, lists Christelle Dallerac.

The so-called integral grape cure

It’s for you if… “you want to drain your body, lose weight, and if you have already followed a complete cure. Otherwise, it is better to start with a supplementary or partial cure., advises Christelle Dallerac. Before starting, you should also seek medical advice.

In practice :“It consists in eating exclusively, and at will, grapes, explains Caroline Struski, at the rate of one to two bunches every two to three hours. We thus arrive, according to its size, to consume between 1 and 4 kilos per day. »

This mono diet must be practiced by having prepared its organism.“Three days before, eliminate cheeses and animal fats, says Christelle Dallerac. Two days before, remove starches and cereals, and the day before eat raw and lightly cooked vegetables and fruits. Follow the cure five to seven days maximum. Afterwards, refuel gradually, resuming the principle proposed just before starting it. »

As a boost, ” you can support the work of the liverdrinking artichoke, rosemary, dandelion herbal teas”adds Christelle Dallerac.

The grape mono diet is not recommended for diabetics

If the body suddenly switches from a normal diet to a grape cureyou may suffer from diarrhea, constipation, headaches, cramps. “It is advisable, the day before the cure, to purify the intestines by taking a mild laxative”, says Caroline Struski.

Warning ! The grape containing 15 to 18 g/100 g of carbohydrates, the cure is not recommended for diabetics. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with serious illnesses, people with anorexia and children.

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