Detox self-massage with essential oils, nutrition: full of vitality for this summer

Summer is almost here. Sun, beach, rest and vitality are on the program. Massages and self-massages with essential oils and nutritional advice will help you regenerate your cells and increase your vitality to make the most of this summer!

The days are getting longer, there is more luminosity and this new energy invites us to move. What could be better than a good massage to help us eliminate accumulated waste and regain balance. Health is largely dependent on a balance between what the body receives, our food and what it uses as energy according to its activities.

The massage or massotherapy will allow, using different manual techniques, to free the body of toxins, by acting on the skin, the muscles, the tissues, the ligaments in order to regain shape. Different techniques such as pressure, friction, kneading will stimulate circulation and promote oxygenation of cells, and thus help the organs to function better. The goal is to restore better lymphatic and blood circulation, to drain, to eliminate knots and physical and mental tensions. Restore the balance between what the body absorbs and eliminates to maintain good health.

Avicenna, an 11th-century Arab philosopher and physicist, wrote that the object of massage was to “disperse waste matter found in the muscles and not eliminated by exercise.”

Great essential oil blends

To promote elimination and detoxification, mix massage oil (organic and vegetable) with a few drops of Virginia cedar HE + ginger HE. This mixture facilitates drainage, promotes circulation (problems of heavy legs) and regulates the nervous system and restores tone. You can also add a few drops of lemon EO. Be careful never use these pure HE and no exposure to the sun with lemon HE because it is photosensitizing).

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Energy, depression, sleep

In massage oil, add a few drops of HE Petit grain Bigarade (soothes and restores energy, regulates psychological imbalances, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, helps solve digestive problems related to stress This mixture is also an anti-cellulite extra!

(A few pure drops in a cup or on a handkerchief near our pillow will help to relax before falling asleep)

Anti-fatigue and libido boost

Mix a few drops of Ylang Ylang EO with massage oil. This mixture is relaxing and invigorating and anti – general fatigue (sexual, physical, mental, psychological).

Self-massage: instructions for use

At home, in a pleasant place where you will not be disturbed, you can practice self-massage preferably before showering or bathing. A moment to take care of yourself, get to know your body, relax. Oil your hands and start with the feet with sliding movements, then rotations, pressures, then the legs, the arms, the back, the hips, the stomach, the thorax, the shoulders, the nape of the neck, without forgetting a very gentle passage on the face. A great way to nourish your skin, relax and soothe your mind.

Then let yourself slip into a good bath in which you will have added a handful of coarse salt with a few drops of lavender HE (relaxing) + Lemon HE + sweet orange HE to be diluted in a neutral base. You can also take the opportunity to make a mask with white clay, for a brighter complexion.

The virtues of massage and self-massage

The massage will also act on the mind and relax the spirit, by promoting awareness of the present moment, by awakening our senses, and our corporality, which will also contribute to our well-being.


The skin is our largest organ, and has many sensory receptors that receive temperature, contact and pain stimuli, it plays a protective role and communicates with the environment, the other. Through massage and tactile stimulation, the brain will release the production of hormones, in particular oxytocin, the hormone of well-being and love, and reduce stress. Blood pressure and heart rate are lowered, digestion is restored, a feeling of calm and peace sets in, facilitating communication, openness to others but also easy social contact, and emotional rapprochement.

Nutrition advice and herbal medicine

It is necessary to accompany this process of elimination, to drink weakly mineralized water 6 to 8 glasses / day. You can also prepare an infusion (apart from meals), based on plants such as dandelion and nettle (diuretic and depurative), linden sapwood (powerful drainer of the liver, kidneys, intestines, gallbladder) or stimulating and digestive plants such as rosemary and mint. In summer, flavor a bottle of still or sparkling water with a few drops of mint essential oil to dilute on sugar or a spoonful of honey, for a refreshing drink.

Go for a varied cuisine, with more organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables, richer in water, in fibers than those of winter which will activate the emunctories such as beetroot (diuretic and detoxifying) asparagus (for the kidneys), artichoke and crucifers (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli … (liver) … cucumber (excellent detoxifier, moisturizer, remineralizing and diuretic). Fruits rich in vitamin C and antioxidants: lemon, grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, and kiwis.

Resting the digestive system

Once a week, replace a meal with:

A Monodiet: for example a meal composed exclusively of a typical food: semi-complete rice (rich in fiber, promoting the elimination of waste and toxins) possibility of seasoning with spices (turmeric or curry, Provencal herbs, etc.)

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Fasting at dinner once a week (only drink infusions or water).

Finally, get moving again by walking for 30 minutes a day and as much as possible in the middle of nature, in the forest in order to get plenty of oxygen.

For this summer, these few tips will allow you to be well in your body and in your mind to be more receptive to the life that flows within you!


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