Dietary supplements for optimal dryness

Dryness, muscle definition, weight loss

A slimming or muscle definition diet requires a daily calorie reduction. By doing so, the body is forced to draw on its fat reserves. But there are important points to respect so that this diet is maintained over time and to avoid certain dietary deficiencies. Indeed, it will be necessary to ensure a high intake of quality proteins to maintain your muscle mass. And you will also need food supplements such as fat burners (or fat burners) to accentuate the melting of fat.

Cutting diet: increased protein needs

Food supplements for muscle definition

protein powder

Protein is found in traditional food: meat, fish, eggs, etc. But it is difficult to reach the quotas necessary to build muscle, especially in the cutting phase, unless you eat astronomical amounts of food. Suffice to say that digestion may be painful, difficult and slowed down. Protein powders are here to help you get enough protein without having to eat pounds of meat every day.

The benefits of protein powder

– They are very easy to transport in a shaker and just add water, stir and drink your protein shake.
– There are many flavors to vary the pleasures
– They are digested very easily and assimilated very quickly
– They facilitate muscle recovery and maintain muscle mass during low carbohydrate diets.
– They provide various essential amino acids
– A low volume consumed provides a lot of protein compared to a normal food

Our range of protein powders

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Leucine, isoleucine and valine are the 3 most crucial amino acids for building muscle and fighting catabolism (breakdown of muscle protein). Their ingestion before and after training also helps increase metabolism and fat burning, while protecting muscle mass. BCAAs increase muscle mass because they stimulate protein synthesis in muscle fibers.
Additionally, BCAAs can reduce fatigue, speed up recovery, reduce body aches, and improve the use of fat for energy.

Our range of amino acids

Vitamins & minerals

Vitamins and minerals are substances that have no energy value but are nevertheless essential to our health. Feeding in a dry or muscle definition diet is not enough to compensate for the risk of deficiencies. Supplementation will be a plus to stay in shape and motivated.

Our range of vitamins and minerals

Fat burners or “fat burners”

The advantage of fat burners is their ability to increase the destocking of fat when you are in full physical activity. Fat burners are therefore part of the essential weapons for maximum muscle definition.

Our range of Fat Burners

Natural diuretics

Water retention is a problem that mainly affects women, but does not spare men. In women, water retention is materialized by the presence of cellulite on the hips, buttocks and upper thighs, as well as a feeling of heavy legs. Cellulite is unsightly and difficult to remove because water is trapped between adipocytes. This is why we offer natural diuretics (based on plants) that help drain excess subcutaneous water. The natural drainers make it possible to solve the concerns of cellulite, while providing a feeling of a flat stomach and light legs. Weight loss is quickly visible and the abs are better defined.

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Our natural diuretics


The L-Carnitine available on our website is the most available form for the muscle definition phases. Indeed, it enters more easily into muscle cells which, to provide energy, use stored fats to the detriment of carbohydrates. It is a product widely used in endurance sports because fats are a very long-lasting source of energy, unlike carbohydrates.

Our range of L-Carnitine


CLA is a fatty acid (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) from the omega-6 family. It is renowned and widely used by people wishing to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. CLA helps reduce appetite and burn fat by a mechanism that is quite simple: CLA transports fats into the cells, where they are transformed into energy. Human studies have shown a significant reduction in abdominal fat after only 4 weeks supplementation, which is explained by the reduction in the volume of fat cells. CLA can be combined perfectly with other thermogenic fat burners.

Our range of CLA

Food supplements for muscle definition: the right choice

Here is the program of dietary supplements that we offer to optimize your muscle definition:

Beginner’s program

At breakfastr: BCAAs
As a morning snack : protein powder (whey, isolate…etc.)

Intermediate program

Breakfast : BCAA, fat burner
As a morning snack : Protein powder (whey, isolate…etc.)
At lunch : natural diuretic
Before training : fat burner
After training : vitamin & minerals, protein powder (whey, isolate…etc.), BCAA

Top 5 supplements for maximum fat burning

Fat burners or “fat burners”

The principle of fat burners is to accelerate the metabolism and promote lipolysis: a phenomenon that aims to use body fat as a source of energy (the best way to have quality muscle definition)

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Combined with regular sports activity, carnitine helps to increase fat burning. This dietary supplement accompanies you in your dry diet.


CLA (abbreviation for Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is part of the omega 6 family and is a fat burner that promotes the reduction of body fat, activates the destocking of fat and increases muscle mass.

protein powder

They help to maintain your muscle mass and a large muscle mass allows you to burn more body fat, even at rest. Hence the importance of providing a large amount of protein in your diet.


BCAAs, by promoting muscle building and improving performance in training, help maintain a good metabolism and burn even more fat.

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