Disbursement of homeopathy: all is not over!

Through a press release, the Boiron and Rocal laboratories make it known that they have jointly filed, before the Council of State, the full appeal against the government’s decision to end the reimbursement by health insurance of medicines homeopathic. This filing follows the summary motion presented last October.

French and doctors attached to homeopathy

Homeopathy is dear to the hearts of the French. As a reminder, it is prescribed daily by one out of three general practitioners, many medical specialists and midwives, both in private practice and in hospitals. In addition, 82% of French people consider that conventional medicine and homeopathy are complementary.

Homeopathy: proven health benefits

One of the most important pharmacoepidemiological studies, conducted in France on more than 8,000 people, concluded that, at an equal level of severity and while being at least as well relieved, patients cared for by homeopathic general practitioners had:

– 2 times less use of antibiotics in upper respiratory tract infections,

– 2 times less use of anti-inflammatories in musculoskeletal pain,

– and 3 times less use of psychotropic drugs for anxiety, sleep disorders and depression.

Homeopathy: Savings for Social Security

From an economic point of view, the reimbursement of homeopathic medicines, which represent only 0.29% of reimbursements for medicines, is synonymous with savings for Social Security given the lower consumption of other more expensive medicines. Moreover, maintaining reimbursement at 15% would result in zero cost to public finances due to the medical deductible. This coverage rate would avoid a deterioration in the purchasing power of the French thanks to the maintenance of a VAT at 2.1%, a regulated price and coverage of additional insurance.

Sign the online petition

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Current user of homeopathy, patient treated with homeopathy, homeopathic doctor, midwife, homeopathic veterinarian, defender of the right to choose one’s therapy, you can make your voice heard by the Ministry of Health and weigh in the balance by signing this petition in line :

Homéopathie : ensemble, continuons à faire ce choix


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