Discover the medicinal properties of sundew (flycatcher)

Drosera also called flytrap, scientifically named Drosera rotundifolia, is an insectivorous perennial plant that can reach 15 cm in height. Its hinged, spoon-shaped leaves lined with thorns secrete a sticky fluid, which traps insects. The plant digests these when the leaf closes. The flytrap grows especially in Asia and North America. However, there are about a hundred varieties in the world, namely in Africa, Madagascar, Australia and Indo-Malaysia. These grow specifically in moist places like swamps and bogs. Currently, it is one of the plants threatened with extinction; its picking requires a permit. In the 17th century, people of the time believed that the flytrap cures melancholy. The herbalist Herbier (1735) describes in his book that the plant is a remedy for purulent wounds.

In which case can it be indicated?

The herbal medicine uses its leaves for its active principles. Namely enzymes, flavonoids and essential oil.

  • Its active ingredients, mainly plumbagin and other auxiliaries, are effective in treating bronchitis and asthma. It also contains antitussive active ingredients. He can therefore relieve irritating coughs.
  • In case of arteriosclerosis, one must rely on long-term treatment. Given the limited availability of plumbagin. However, the unavailability of the plant prevents its long-term use. Because of this, it is better to prefer drug treatment prescribed by the doctor.
  • This plant can also remedy against sleep disorders and anxieties.
  • In addition, it can relieve pain caused by rheumatism.
  • Moreover, the presence of plumbagin in the plant provides the user with an antibiotic and an antiseptic.
  • Finally, flavonoids eliminate toxins.
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In what form can it be used?

Phytotherapy uses sundew in the form ofEssential oil, syrup, granule, infusion and tincture. However, due to the threat of extinction of the plant, the pickings are done under strict surveillance in order to preserve the balance of an ecosystem. For example, picking takes place every year in July in France.

How to use it to take advantage of its therapeutic properties?

To cure the above health problems, you can choose from these three prescriptions.

  • Stir 2 drops of its tincture into 200 ml of poppy syrup. Drink the resulting solution three times a day until the symptoms disappear.
  • For the infusion, take 1-5 g of the aerial parts of the plant and pour them into a cup of sugar water. Take 1 tbsp within 24 hours.
  • For tincture, take 20-100 drops daily

Precautions to be taken before use

An overdose when using the extract of this plant can become dangerous. Indeed, the plumbagin contained in it can cause diarrhea marked with blood. This bleeding is in particular the result of irritation of the mucous membrane in the stomach. Also, be careful when picking because its hairs can irritate the skin.


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