Do you have a half moon on your nails? Here’s what it means for your health

The white moon-shaped silhouette at the root of our fingernails is actually a very effective indicator of some of the organs in our body.

The presence of lunules at the base of the nail has specific meanings. In general, healthy nails are smooth and even in color. On the other hand, when the nail shows changes, it can send important signals about the general state of your health. In particular, if the base of the nail has very precise marks.

The crescent, which can be present on all the nails or only on the thumb, is a very fragile area and can be subject to damage which can be very serious.

What Traditional Chinese Medicine says

According to Chinese medicine, the absence of the crescent on the nail can indicate an increased risk of diabetes, anemia or digestive disorders due to the accumulation of toxins and the slowing of the metabolism.

However, if the crescent turns red, it could indicate the presence of cardiovascular problems, if, on the other hand, it turns blue, it could indicate circulation problems, heart disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, rheumatism or auto diseases. -immune.

If you are healthy, your fingernails should have about seven or eight half moons. If you notice strange changes in the health of your nails, consider consulting your acupuncturist, therapist or, if it’s really pronounced, your trusted doctor, who can help you discover the real cause of the change.


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