Do you know the unexpected health benefits of bananas?

The banana is one of the best known and most loved fruits in the world. It is a delight in the mouth, excellent as a dessert or as a side dish and ideal for athletes. What is more striking is that the banana has qualities that give you incredible benefits to keep you healthy, improve the functioning of your body, protect you from certain health disorders.

  • High nutritional content

  • It is amazing to find in this sweet and delicious little fruit a high fiber content, various vitamins such as A, C and the B group consisting of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9 (folic acid) and E. Banana also provides nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc and iron, as well as amino acids and, if that were not enough, it contains only 100 calories.

  • Get rid of the hangover

  • After a night of alcohol consumption, the terrible hangover is coming, but the banana is your ally to get rid of it. Plus, it helps hydrate, calm your stomach, and balance your blood sugar.

  • Freshness and youth

  • Loss of elasticity and aging of the skin are caused by the decrease in vitamin E and collagen. Banana is a rich source of vitamin E and is also ideal as a face mask if you add honey to it.

  • Better mood

  • The amino acid tryptophan, contained in the banana, when consumed, is converted into serotonin, a hormone that improves mood and lowers the risk of depression. You will be happier after eating a banana.

  • Source of iron against anemia

  • People suffering from anemia have a low presence of iron in the blood and generally resort to meat to remedy this deficiency, but the iron-rich banana will be your ally to strengthen you.

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  • natural relaxer

  • Because they are low in sodium, high in potassium and vitamin B, bananas are great for regulating blood pressure and soothing the nervous system. Savor a banana and enjoy an automatic state of relaxation.

    As delicious as it is beneficial, the banana is an excellent ally to keep you in an excellent state of mind and health.

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