Do you need a diet?


Do you need a diet?

You haven’t liked your reflection in the mirror for some time. You’ve gained weight, you’re having trouble getting your belly in and your legs no longer fit in your favorite jeans. It’s time to take control so you don’t let those extra pounds set in or worse, keep gaining weight. What to do in this case? Apply to rebalance your diet, or undertake a slimming diet? Do you need a diet?

The ideal weight

However, only one value is recognized by the World Health Organization: the Body Mass Index.

Body Mass Index

BMI is a value that helps to determine the risk of diseases related to overweight. This index is obtained by dividing its weight by its height squared: Weight (in kg)/Height² (in m).

We consider that a result comprised between 18.5 and 25 shows normal build.
Between 25 and 30we are slightly overweight.
Over 30is obesity.

The fat mass rate

BMI is the only calculation recognized by the WHO to determine whether a person is overweight or not. Only, this index can’t apply to old people, children and of course to athletes, who have more muscle mass than average. To know your true fat mass rate, you should take your measurements with skinfold forceps. Measurements are usually taken at the folds of the stomach, triceps, back and upper thigh. The sum of the folds corresponds to a precise percentage of fat mass, which can be found on the tables provided with the clamp or everywhere on the net. We recommend taking 4 measurements, but the more folds you take, the more accurate you will get.

  • The ideal body fat percentage for a man is between 10 and 20%.

  • For a woman, it is between 20 and 30%

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Beyond these fat mass levels, you find yourself overweight and must take the necessary measures to keep fit and healthy.

Do you need a diet?

You have gained weight recently

If you have gained a few pounds during the holidays or during confinement, this is a temporary weight gain that can be easily rectified with a food rebalancing to be applied over the long term. Do not embark on any particular diet but adapt your portions and foods according to your level of activity. Eat your fill but avoid delicacies, snacking, alcohol and heavy meals.

To help you shed those few pounds that you don’t want to settle down over time, take a CLA supplement. It will allow you to effectively burn the few newly accumulated pounds of fat. You can also take a natural diuretic if you feel that your body is retaining water: drainers are very effective on these occasional weight gains.

You have been overweight for a long time

If you’ve been overweight for several years and can’t get back to your healthy weight with a more balanced diet, then it’s time to go on a diet. But beware, not just any diet! In any case, avoid those that you have already tried and which have obviously failed. To lose weight effectively and keep it off, choose a suitable, effective diet that allows for a stabilization phase so you don’t regain weight afterwards.

The ketogenic diet is one of the most effective in burning all stored fat. It has the advantage of suppressing hunger, increasing energy levels and being able to be followed over a certain period of time.

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To accompany this diet, take a thermogenic fat burner and a casein-type protein. The combination of these two supplements will allow you to burn more fat, to properly manage your appetite and the distance between meals.

Everything in the belly

You are rather thin and have little fat on your body, but your waistline exploded. If you mainly have abdominal fat to lose, do not wait to rectify the situation. These fatswhich are located under the skin and between the viscera are dangerous to health. They disrupt the hormonal system, reduce insulin sensitivity and promote metabolic and chronic diseases. Don’t think you’re safe because your belly is hard to the touch, because the fats are just below!

To lose belly fat, follow these basic principles:

  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones. You must leave the table without feeling “bloated”.

  • Do not drink too much during meals. Drink especially between meals.

  • Lighten up your aperitifs and avoid alcohol. Beer, for example, is known to swell the stomach. It promotes fat storage because the body can no longer metabolize food normally.

  • Do strength training and cardio. You will facilitate the destocking of fat and you will find a flat stomach more easily.

  • Take CLA and a thermogenic burner to help burn fat and prevent it from being stored again.

  • Take a casein protein for your snacks. It will help you better manage your hunger and support your muscle mass.

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