Does Baobab Vegetable Oil combine well-being and health?

The baobab or Adansonia digitata L. is a legendary and massive tree on the African continent. Nicknamed upside-down tree or tree of life, this large plant has significant longevity. According to (African) tribal tales, it represents fertility and life. Solid and imposing, this shrub symbolizes Senegal. Baobab vegetable oil is obtained from the first cold pressing of the fruit of this tree. It is mainly the seeds of its fruit that are pressed to make the oil. It is the ally of a filled skin because it is at the same time antioxidant, regenerating, emollient, softening and nourishing. In fact, it is an extraordinary and incredible vegetable oil.

Essential compounds of Baobab oil

The organoleptic and botanical particularities ofBaobab oil are subject to change depending on production conditions. Indeed, the composition of this oil depends on different criteria: sunshine, country, organic production… To have good quality, select an oil of organic origin and extra virgin.

In L’pure Baobab vegetable oilthere are many nutrients (vitamins, fatty acids).

Fatty acid composition of Baobab vegetable oil

Baobab vegetable oil is full of many essential fatty acids. Indeed, it contains 35% polyunsaturated AG (omega-6 or linoleic acid), 32% monounsaturated AG (omega-9 or oleic acid). It also contains 4% stearic acid and 27% palmitic acid.

Baobab vegetable oil: multiple uses

I’Baobab vegetable oil offers two main modes of use:

  • By cutaneous route: local application, massage and unction.
  • Oral (nutritional use).
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It can be used with other HV such as rosehip, avocado, wheat germ or shea. It can also be associated with essential oils such as rose geranium, rosewood, or aspic lavender.

Baobab oil has many cosmetic aspects

Widely used in cosmetics for its many virtues, Baobab oil has a powerful repairing and moisturizing power. It’s a beauty oil par excellence which adapts perfectly to the needs of all types of hair and skin.

All its benefits in cosmetics: nourishing, softening, soothing, emollient, restorative, healing, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory. Its use is particularly indicated in the event of chapping, skin burns, stretch marks or Sun burn. It can treat frizzy, curly, dry, limp, brittle and dull hair.

All the virtues of Baobab vegetable oil

Baobab oil is used to revive cell functions, to prevent and reduce tight or dry skin. The perfect solution to pamper and take good care of your skin. It activates natural hydration, strengthens the defense mechanism and improves the renewal process.

In the absence of an allergy to any of its components, this oil has no contraindications. In a dry and cool place, protected from light, it can be kept for quite a long time (up to six months). In case of hot weather, it is best to keep it in the fridge.


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