Does heather really provide medicinal properties?

Heather has the scientific name Calluna vulgarus and comes in several species. It is a perennial foliage plant, which belongs to the heath family. It is more native to Europe, but is also commonly found in temperate areas such as North America and Russia. Apart from its pink flowers which are mainly used for decorative purposes, this plant is also used for natural medicine. Abbrbutosia also called arbutin is one of the main constituents of heather, which proves the effectiveness of the anti-inflammatory activity of heather. The presence of ericodin, glucosides and tannin accentuates the natural diuretic and antibacterial property.

Heather and its positive consequences for health and the body

The heather has already been the subject of a miraculous plant for ages thanks to its qualities. It is also currently highly appreciated for its strong diuretic, haemostatic and hypertensive capacity. As well as by its purifying action, its antiseptic effect.

It plays a draining role which optimizes the elimination of water and the stimulation of sweat production. For a good muscle tonic, just add 500 g of heather in 2 l of water after boiling and drink it.

Athletes, sick or just concerned about their well-being can all benefit from the benefits of this magical plant.

Heather: the different forms

There are several types of medicinal recipes using heather. It is a sternutatory available in the form of mother tincture, tablets, decoctions, capsules, herbal teas and ampoules.

the heather honey has all the properties of its flowers Indeed, in herbal medicine, it is especially the flowers that are beneficial thanks to their action against kidney infections.

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To relieve inflammatory pain,heather infusion is excellent. It is also used to purify the body while cleansing toxins.

Understand the medicinal properties of heather

This plant promotes treatment of cystitis, gout, frostbite and rheumatism. It allows in particular the fight against albuminuria / uremia and facilitates the suppression of kidney stones.

Apart from its antidepressant action, it is also used to treat infections and to disinfect not too serious wounds. The advantages of this plant are multiple and advantageous. It is therefore an important ally to remain serene and in shape throughout a lifetime.

What are the caveats of using it?

As they say: “Every medal has its reverse”, so does heather. People who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not take heather. Do not forget to consult a doctor before consuming it if you are taking medication. Indeed, it has the ability to transform the effects of certain drugs.

Three cups of heather are enough for to stay healthy and no risk of side effects.


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