Does Herbal Medicine Really Cure All Ailments?

Phytotherapy is the use of plants for preventive and curative treatment. Plants can be used in different forms. Like a tincture, capsules or herbal tea. It is one of the integral parts of several traditional medicines like Chinese medicine.

Is herbal medicine really effective?

It is universally recognized herbal medicine. Nearly 25% of drugs are estimated to be made from a vegetable base. Man has always experimented with remedies from the plant world. Some have become great classics of modern pharmacopoeia. Like the case of the poppy which is a source of morphine. But also like the willow case with which aspirin is made.

The aromatic herbs contain active ingredients. These active principles exert a direct biological action on the organism. Each has its own healing properties. These properties can be anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antiviral, antioxidant and digestive. Thus, they contribute to the well-being of those who consume them.

How do polyphenols and phenols act on the body?

The phenols and the polyphenols are responsible for the antioxidant power identified in aromatic herbs. Antioxidants prevent many diseases. Studies have shown that the intake of antioxidants reduces the risk of cancer by more than 30% in men. One diet rich in antioxidants also allows you to live younger for longer. Thus, these phenols and polyphenols are very important to maintain the organism in a good physical state.

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Is herbal medicine legal?

It is regularly denigrated by certain health professionals. Since 1941, the profession of herbalist has been abolished in France. Today, sell or give advice totherapeutic use of herbs is illegal there. Unlike the case of Canada which maintains the legality of a profession of herbalist. 300 members currently make up the guild of herbalists. They are trying to have this profession recognized.

What are the limits of herbal medicine?

Herbs do not cure everything even though they have very powerful effects. And even if the plants are natural, it does not mean that they are safe. The boundary between toxicity and efficacy is still very blurred. However, it is a good alternative for people who are wary of modern medication. Subjects suffering from an allergy to a synthetic component can also use it. Herbs heal deeply while drugs only treat the symptoms. Hence the big difference between the two.

Precautions to take when using it

Self-medication should be avoided. Always seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist if in doubt. As for the treatment of a child, this medical opinion is obligatory.

Without the advice of a professional, several plants should not be combined. It should be taken with great caution during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

You should report to your doctor or pharmacist any herbal treatment. This is due to the fact that certain phytotherapy products expose to drug interactions.


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