Does massage therapy offer healing properties?

To stay fit and healthy, there are a few principles to keep in mind. To do this, the field of natural care methods offers different solutions. Among these solutions, we will specify and develop in this writing the curative benefits of massage therapy. It is a massage therapy that brings together several techniques. The objective of this ancestral method is based on the harmonization of the links or balances between body and mind. It particularly promotes the awakening to a mind-body awareness, the proper functioning of vital organs. It favors the well-being, health and relaxation of the whole body.

First discovery of the term “massage therapy”

Created by Mozin in 812, massage therapy refers to a body technique for relaxing and medicinal purposes. Known since Antiquity, this holistic method is currently essential in various therapeutic treatments. Since then, this technique has also been applied in many beauty centers and spas. It develops all over the world and according to the cultures, it uses different maneuvers. A discipline particularly regulated in China, Germany, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, British Columbia and certain American states.

Literally, the word massage therapy means healing massage or touch. In Quebec, it began to develop thanks to the FQM or the Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists. With the support of the College of Physicians (in favor of the supervision of massage therapy), it continued to take off. In 2016, the professional association of massage therapists in this country even had more than 6,400 members.

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Massage therapy calms, prevents and cures ailments

Massage therapy takes care of the health of the whole body. It is also considered a source of relaxation, serenity, well-being, beauty and comfort. It particularly improves digestion, ensures nervous relaxation and muscle toning.

To prevent disease and reduce pain, it stimulates specific areas of the human body. Appreciated for its multiple effects (emotional, physical, metabolic and psychological), it also strengthens the immune system. It treats depressive disorders, stress, migraine, fatigue, shoulder and neck pain.

Massage therapy, what about its practice?

It’s a therapy accessible to all. The masseur can use his hands, his elbows, his feet and his elbows. Sometimes he can even use his knees to massage you. The massage is performed on the whole body, that is to say, on all body parts, from head to toe. The massed can choose a partial massage (strategic points of the body) or a complete massage. Moreover, to enjoy total relaxation, this second option remains the best. Usually practiced while lying on a mat, on a massage table or directly on the floor. During the session (from the beginning to the end), the masseur always reserves a moment of relaxation.


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