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Natural medicine has been using milk thistle for years to treat certain pathologies. We cite among its different names: the white thorn, the silver thistle, the wild artichoke and the thistle of Notre-Dame. It is a shrub of the family Asteraceae (Asteraceae), genus silybum and known under the scientific name: “silybum marianum”. The milk thistle grows abundantly on the Mediterranean basin and the Atlantic coasts. It is also present in Australia, Western Asia, North America and Southern Europe. This plant includes active components such as flavonoids, lipids or fatty oils, silybin, mucilages, silychristin, flavonolignans and sterols. It is anti-infectious, antispasmodic, antidepressant, hepatoprotective and febrifuge.

Health and well-being assured with mayor thistle

Like the practice of physical activity, the regular use of milk thistle also promotes the proper functioning of the body. That therapeutic herb ensures perfect well-being both physically and mentally. Indeed, it is an excellent natural remedy for all kinds of diseases:

  • genes and gallstones,
  • menstrual disorders and pains,
  • dyspeptic problems,
  • liver failure,
  • varicose veins,
  • drops,
  • cirrhosis of the liver,
  • cancers,
  • and diabetes,

This curative tree allows the optimization of the appetite and ensures good digestion. It also stimulates lactation.

How to use this herb in herbal medicine

To take full advantage of all its virtues, practitioners use and transform seeds, fruits, leaves and roots in particular. Concerning its form and its multiple uses, we have access to

  • the infusion,
  • injecting,
  • powders,
  • capsules,
  • tablets,
  • extracts,
  • caps,
  • dyes
  • and essential oil.
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Everything you can make with milk thistle

To be sure to keep all its active elements and nutrients, this healing plant must be meticulously prepared. Here are some ideas:

  • Transform into juice (the addition of honey to this drink allows the elimination of excess bile).
  • The extract from the root of this plant is often used to make energy drinks.
  • The youngest shoots cooked or raw (eaten as a fresh salad or prepared like spinach and artichokes).
  • The seeds or dried fruits can be used in decoction to calm digestive disorders. To do this, add 3 to 4 g in 1.5 l of boiling water (to drink about thirty minutes before each meal).

When should we be careful?

the milk thistle does not cause major risks, or even harmless. However, infants and pregnant women should not take milk thistle. People allergic to asteraceous plants should also avoid it. It is also important to specify that in a cure based on this kind of plant, the consumption must be reasonable and according to the dose previously prescribed by a practitioner.


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