Does physical exercise eliminate bad cholesterol?

Knowing that cholesterol is not always bad for your health as long as it is within the norm. That is, when it does not disturb or clog the arteries and blood circulation. In addition, there is the good (HDL or high density lipoprotein) and the bad (LDL or low density lipoprotein). Bad cholesterol is therefore the result of excess LDL levels. This increase is sometimes of genetic origin, resulting from a diet that is too fatty or a lack of physical exercise. It can also be caused by taking certain medications (diuretics and oral contraceptives) and certain thyroid or kidney diseases.

How and why reduce bad cholesterol?

Like a better diet, physical activity also plays a really important role in stabilizing and reducing cholesterol levels. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that physical exercise combined with good nutrition (varied and balanced) effectively maintains heart health and improves cholesterol levels. The principle is to raise the level of good cholesterol and reduce the bad.

The need for a reduction in bad cholesterol lies in the fight against various problems: obesity, overweight, diabetes and heart problems.

Exercise to lower cholesterol levels

We have seen that one of the key points if we want to stay healthy is the sport. It seems that he can favorably help us. But here, we will know exactly how physical exercise can reduce bad cholesterol and how often?

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In practice, sport prevents the installation of atheroma plaques in the arteries, reduces the cholesterol level and triglycerides in the blood. Experts say that practicing physical activity at least three times a week favorably reduces cholesterol levels and prevents heart disease. If you have the time, 30 minutes to 1 hour a day is ideal. Running, cycling, running, fitness, aerobics, walking, gardening are excellent regulators of cholesterol levels, for example.

Sports to prevent heart disease

The benefits of physical exercise are not only limited to the regulation or reduction of cholesterol levels, but they are also developed in the prevention of cardiac pathologies. Indeed, sport thins the blood and normalizes the heart rate. It also prevents myocardial infarction and possible strokes.

What types of foods to take to eliminate bad cholesterol?

We confirm that for maintain health, we have to pay attention to our way of life. That is to say, eating healthy and moving from time to time. To protect the body, we must not neglect this concept. To fight bad cholesterol, several foods are favorable such as garlic and apple. On the contrary, the vegetable milks (soya, rice, almond, chestnut, oat, hemp) are excellent.


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